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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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October 12, 2006
Brendan Kelly's His Name
By Kevin Devlin

“He’s a good basketball player, a good athlete, smart and coach-able…but more importantly he’s a nice, polite, friendly kid”  - John Lydon

     This summer he’ll be entering his fifth year in the South Boston Little League.

     His primary position is catcher, but he can also cover first base, play shortstop and man the outfield.

     He is a two-time recipient, in 2005 and 2006, of the “Gold Glove” award.

     His team, Rooney Real Estate, captured the 2004 Little League Championship.

     He started playing hoop in the Gate of Heaven CYO program, at the famed Gatey Hall, when he was barely old enough to tie his own sneakers.

    He was on the Sister Pat house league squad, coached by his dad Joe, which captured a couple of house league titles.

     His Gatey fifth/sixth grade hoop travel team, coached by Kevin Lally and John Lydon, went undefeated during the 2005 and 2006 seasons, capturing two CYO Vicariate titles.

     He has been active in the South Boston Youth Lacrosse League for four seasons.

     His favorite moments on the playing fields is when he hit his first home run this summer as a member of the Williamsport team (he loves Red Sox slugger David Ortiz), when he scored his first goal in the first game he ever played in the lacrosse league, and when his Gatey hoop team captured two consecutive CYO titles.

     His favorite sport is baseball and someday hopes to be a professional baseball player.

     And, he is an Honor Roll Student.

     Our student-athlete in the Korner this week is Brendan Kelly.

     Brendan, 12, is in the seventh grade at the Gate of Heaven School. He loves science class but has a little trouble getting motivated to tackle his math problems. But this has really never hindered our focused, young student, because he has repeatedly been on the Honor Roll since the fifth grade. He has been on the Student Council for the past two years and has received awards for his hard work and effort in the classroom.

     Outside of school, Brendan keeps himself busy throughout the year, playing lacrosse, baseball and basketball. John Lydon, one of his CYO hoop coaches, and the Program Supervisor at the Walsh Community Center has had the opportunity to watch Brendan grow as an athlete, and has nothing but high praise for this young boy.

     “He’s a good basketball player, a good athlete, smart and coach-able,” said Lydon. “He hustles and knows what he’s doing on the basketball court. I like having this type of disciplined player on my teams. But more importantly than all of that, he’s a nice, polite, friendly kid.”      

     In his spare time, Brendan plays video games and enjoys hanging out with his friends at the Olllie or at the “Stretch” Walsh Community Center gym. He also loves watching Sportscenter and reads the entire sports page in the local papers every day, soaking up every sport’s statistic he can.

     Brendan’s loves pizza, but this is readily forgotten, when he goes to his grandmother’s house on Sundays, to eat her meatloaf, which is, as far as he is concerned, the “Best meatloaf in the whole world.”   He is also treated like a king by his grandfather, as he always saves Brendan a much sought-after seat on their comfortable couch to watch Patriots or Red Sox games.

     Indeed, Brendan is blessed with great grandparents in Joe and Barbara Caputo, with a good little brother Patrick, who looks up to him, and with a big sister, Christine, who is a typical big sister. And, Brendan is fortunate to have tremendously caring and loving parents, Joe and Barbara.

     “He’s an all-around great kid with an infectious smile,” said his mom. “He’s an outstanding student who really works hard, giving his all in everything he does. Joe and I are proud of him.”

     Proud of him they are, and they should be.

     His smile is undeniably contagious and with one quick glance-and a few words-one can easily tell this he’s a good kid with a promising future.

     And why wouldn’t his future be bright?

     With loving grandparents and parents, a dedicated sister and brother, as well as community people focused on his well-being, he has everything going in his favor.

     Considering that invaluable combination, I can see him steadily and confidently climbing to the top of the mountain, and then happily gazing upon success brilliantly shining across the horizon.

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Brendan Kelly is a good student and a dedicated, hard working young athlete with a bright future ahead of him.