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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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January 10, 2014
Another Rising Star
By Kevin Devlin

He’s doing well in class, realizing Second Honors at Catholic Memorial High School (CM). With this blue-collar work ethic in and out of the classroom, he’s surely going to prove to others, and to himself, that he’s first class material, definitely another rising star on the Southie horizon. 

He is the son of Mike and the late Ann (O’Toole) Kyne. He has a sister named Aisling and a brother named Finbar. They also have a chocolate Labrador named Harry. His name is Tadhg Kyne. 

Monday through Friday, Tadhg stays after school and does his homework, a priority his dad monitors quite closely. After that, he journeys back to Southie and plays pick-up hoop games at the Tynan gym, for a couple of hours, before going home. When he plays hoop he goes all out, scrambling and diving to the floor for loose balls. He‘s currently on Gatey CYO house and travel teams. 

“When you play basketball, you never stop moving,” Tadhg said. “There’s always something to do…running up and down the court. You always need to hustle.”

Last summer, he was the South Boston Little League’s regular season MVP. And, he was humble in accepting this award.“

I was surprised,” he said. “I didn’t expect it. It felt good. I guess the hard work all season long paid off. I like baseball the best and someday would love to be a professional baseball player. Next season I plan to play for my school team as well as locally.”   

He’s currently on CM’S wrestling team. This is his first season and he loves the challenges. 

“You have to be aware of your opponent’s style,” he said. “You have to react and be ready to counter with your own moves.

”Tadhg played in the Under 18 division in the South Boston Youth Soccer League last summer. His team made it into the finals but lost in a shootout. He also played Pop Warner and loves the team camaraderie.

His dad’s proud of his son’s focus in and out of class. He understands the importance of successfully balancing academics with sports, as well as him being a good person. 

“He’s doing well in school,” said his dad. “In sports, he’s very active and works hard. And…Tadhg is always there for his friends. He’s unselfish and always helping others. He’s a good kid. He loves living in Southie and plans to live here his entire life.” 

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