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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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May 30, 2008
Seaport Square Update
By Rick Winterson

Gale International’s Seaport Square mega-project completed informal public reviews last Wednesday at a Condon School meeting.  From here, formal project approvals will be sought, with the aim to break ground in 2009.


The Seaport Square mega-project at 6.5 million square feet will be among the largest private, mixed-use developments planned for New England – possibly the largest ever, by some measures.  As such, it has generated substantial interest from the residents and commercial enterprises of South Boston.

Last Wednesday evening, May 21, John Hynes III, the President of Gale International, accompanied by Kairos Shen, the Mayor’s Director of Development, presented a summary of the project.  It was in part an update, as well as an overall look at “what’s next”.  In general, the project’s status was well-accepted by the 50+ residents and businesspeople who attended.

To summarize what has been reported previously in South Boston Online, the project will be located on the 23-acre area known as the “McCourt properties”.  This is an L-shaped site extending from Summer Street near the Convention Center along Seaport Boulevard to Fort Point Channel, where it connects with the Evelyn Moakley Bridge and the Northern Avenue pedestrian bridge.  It will share a border with Joseph Fallon’s Fan Pier project on its north side. 

Boston landmarks that will be affected include the Barking Crab complex and the Lady of Good Voyages Chapel, which is part of St. Vincent de Paul Parish.  The property around Anthony’s Pier 4 and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) will not be affected.  The various sites along A Street (Channel Center, Fort Point Art Colony, Boston Wharf properties, etc.) will also be unaffected.

Seaport Square will constitute a “city-within-a-city”.  About half will be a combination of offices, hotels, and retail – a shopping nexus larger than Copley Square.  The other half will be devoted to residences and cultural facilities, including an international school.  One of the most attractive features of Seaport Square is the large residential share of the project, which means that the area will be a “neighborhood” that is active during evenings and weekends.  Approximately 25% of the area will be left as open space and parklands.

The Seaport Square timetable covers six years – from groundbreaking in 2009 through final build-out in 2015.  Hynes quickly reviewed the final road/bicycle/pedestrian patterns, which will provide augmented access to the waterfront and Boston’s Harbor Walk.  All 6,500 parking spaces will be underground. 

The 20 blocks within the Seaport Square project will be designed around a “massing” plan, which means that building heights and footprints will be integrated with open spaces and plans for other projects along the waterfront.  The FAA height restriction to accommodate air traffic from Logan Airport has been set at a maximum of 250 feet.  Seaport Square will be “green” – the design will aim for a Silver LEED certification.

Detailed auto/truck traffic management plans covering construction, initial build-out, and complete build-out were presented by Gale’s consultants.  From here, Gale will enter into formal planning, filing, and permitting, as well as coordination with the multitude of agencies that will have oversight of the Seaport Square project.  An ongoing website – www.seaportsquare.com – will provide a “window” to the public on Seaport Square’s progress. 



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