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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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August 22, 2013
Rep. Collins Continues Approach To Public Safety

Since 2010, Collins has made Public Safety his top priority. The plan included continuing the war on drugs, promoting a local police confidential tip line, encouraging neighborhood watch groups, supporting community policing and creating better communication between the community and the police. 

In 2011, that agenda sharply focused on securing a dedicated daytime drug unit in South Boston, to let the drug fueled criminal element know that South Boston was prepared to fight back for control of its streets and the lives of its children. In the fall of 2012, after Collins, Cong. Stephen Lynch and other South Boston elected officials met with Police Commissioner Ed Davis, DEA and State Police teamed up with Boston Police to activate warrants that resulted in over 400 arrests. Then, backed by his superintendents and command staff, Davis instituted a citywide day time drug unit with significant attention to South Boston. 

In January of this year, Rep. Collins filed legislation to authorize joint police jurisdiction between both the Boston Police and the MA State Police of the South Boston Waterfront.  On July 29th 2013, at a public safety meeting called by the elected officials of South Boston in the wake of the tragic death of Amy Lord, Commissioner Davis publicly announced that a dedicated daytime drug unit has been permanently assigned to South Boston. 

Shortly after learning of the criminal history of the suspect in Ms. Lord’s murder, Collins called for a citywide ‘warrant sweep’ of violent offenders. The hope is that by rounding up all suspects with outstanding warrants that have a violent history, those most likely to commit violent crimes would be off the streets. Collins has also teamed up with his House Republican colleague Rep. Dan Winslow to file legislation to provide law enforcement, across the Commonwealth, with the tools and access to evaluate the criminal history of an individual right from their patrol cruiser. 

“With the rapid increase in population and development our city is experiencing, and the increased revenues that come along with that, it is imperative that our public safety infrastructure not only catches up, but gets ahead of the curve.” Collins added.

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