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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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july 25, 2013
Gathering The Light, Taking Back the Hill
By Rick Winterson

Last Wednesday was the second evening that Medicine Wheel Productions threw a free and open community event for all to attend.  These are a series of events, under the slogan “Gathering the Light, Taking Back the Hill”, that will take place every Wednesday evening in No Man’s Land behind the High School from 5 till 8 p.m.  Be sure to attend any or all of them – they’re free.

The recent “Gathering the Light, Taking Back the Hill” event was typical of what you’ll see at every one of these event each Wednesday evening for the rest of the summer.  There will be music – DK 4Hunna served up a great combination of instrumentals and rap/rock dance music.  He was assisted at the open mic by Christopher and Christian, who made their amped guitars speak.  Refreshments were served.  The centerpiece of the evening’s event was the huge, inflatable water slide, which everyone enjoyed.  And yes, everyone got wet.  It was great fun for everyone who came.  Music, goodies, and a water slide – all were welcome; it was all for free.

There are five more Wednesday events before Labor Day.  You are invited to as many of these as you have time for.  Each one will be a great time, among friends from all over.  When you go, take a few minutes to walk through No Man’s Land as the sun sets.  Medicine Wheel Productions and their youth workers have done a remarkable job in turning that plot of ground into a jewel of an urban green space and park.  Look for the blue parchment lanterns that will adorn the pathways in No Man’s Land.

The final Wednesday evening event takes place on Wednesday, August 28.  It is called “Beacon to the Dream”, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of his “I Have a Dream” speech by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It is there that all of the blue lanterns, which will have been made in thousands of workshops throughout the City of Boston, are to be displayed.  This event will be on Castle Island, instead of No Man’s Land; it will light up Castle Island as you have never seen it before.  More details will follow, but mark it on your calendars.  Don’t miss this one.

The Wednesday evening events are arranged by Medicine Wheel Productions and funded by the Boston Foundation. 

The Boston Foundation funded "Gathering the Light, Taking Back the Hill" event in No Man's Land.

Christopher and Christian wail away at their guitars.

Blue lanterns line a path in No Man's Land for "Gathering the Light, Taking Back the Hill."

Wild roses reflected in a sunset water fancy in No Man's Land.

Double octagonal gardens in the southern end of No Man's Land--together, they form the symbol for infinity. The road goes ever on...

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