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South Boston Online
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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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July 25, 2013
Yeah, I've Got A Gripe
By Kevin Devlin

Mattier tried to collect money on behalf of his aunt who reportedly lost both legs that day. But, she was already dead. Fortunately, before he was able to get out of dodge, the game was afoot, and he was nabbed by the state police signing off on a fake $2.2 million dollar check. That’s one for the good guys. 

Next, we have Audrea Gause. She was slicker than Mattie. With her $480,000 check tucked neatly in her pocket in New York, she was ready to party with. She claimed she suffered a traumatic brain injury that day and had been hospitalized.  Her final words on her One Fund application were, “I promise to keep my faith.” Fortunately, authorities received an anonymous tip that she wasn’t in Boston during the marathon.  Gause is now behind bars in Boston. Chalk up two for the good guys.  I hope they throw the book at them. They deserve maximum time for their despicable schemes.       

That brings me to my second gripe.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine was viewed with disdain throughout Massachusetts. And rightly so! The editors took a gamble and lost. What were they thinking? Many people see this as a glorification of evil that only fuels the fire of wannabe lunatics. I think they’re right! 

See you next gripe time!

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