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South Boston Online
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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
South Boston Online
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January 10, 2014
Happy New Mayor to All
By Kevin Devlin

And for that we salute the old warrior as he journeys off into the sunset with his head held high.

So, it’s out with the old and in with the new. The Menino Machine will be slowly dismantled during the ensuing months, as Mayor Martin “Marty” Walsh fills the chambers of City Hall with his faithful followers, who worked ever so hard to see him rise to this position. But it’s more than just City Hall politics and new powers swaying to and fro with their peacock feathers in full bloom. It’s about the residents, one and all, from East Boston to West Roxbury, from Brighton to Dorchester.

It’s about the Haitian boy from Hyde Park to the young Irish-American girl from South Boston, and the Hispanic man from Jamaica Plain to the elderly African-American woman living in Roxbury. It’s about every Bostonian in every neighborhood being part of this great city as we move forward. It’s about respecting each and every idea, whether liberal, or conservative. It’s about tolerance, but not about forcing feeding others your political and personal agendas.

Like so many other residents, I look forward to the future and feel quite comfortable that Mayor Walsh will usher in a new chapter of optimism and hope for all Bostonians to enjoy. It’s the right thing for him to do.Happy New Mayor everyone!  

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