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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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September 26, 2013
Harbor of Hope
By Rick Winterson

Susan LaPaglia, Margaret Lynch, and Karen Richardson receive bouquets for their efforts for Harbor of Hope. It was also Margaret and Congressman Steve Lynch's 21st wedding anniversary.

The event was especially well named, and it suited the locale perfectly.  The South Boston Community Health Center’s key annual fundraiser took place last Thursday evening in the Boston Harbor Hotel.  The event was aptly named “Harbor of Hope”, not only because of the elegant location on the Waterfront, but also because our Health Center is a place of hope, a center where all can go to receive the most important gift of good health.  There was even a full moon over the harbor to greet the guests.

“Harbor of Hope” was a great success.  You only needed to hear the conversation and laughter as you entered to know that.  Immediately inside, Peter Golemme (keyboard), Kathi Taylor (drums, vocals), and Bob Dunlap (guitar, vocals) entertained the crowd.  We’ll call their group “Slocum’s Whatever”, for lack of a more evocative name.

The program was fast-moving and very interesting.  Jim Hunt, who is the President of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, served as both the emcee and the auctioneer.  He spoke briefly about the conceptual change that Health Centers bring to the practice of medicine in America.  Ann Brady, President of the Board of Directors of the South Boston Community Health Center, followed Jim.  She thanked the numerous supporters, benefactors, and committee members for their help and efforts.

Margaret Lynch, Susan LaPaglia, and Karen Richardson were presented with bouquets to recognize their putting together the “Harbor of Hope” event so successfully.  As an added touch, the “Harbor of Hope” evening was also the 21st Anniversary of Congressman Stephen Lynch and Margaret.  They were both apart and at work that evening - now that’s true public service.

Bill Halpin, the CEO of the South Boston Community Health Center, conferred two Awards of Honor upon Chris Herren, founder of Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren and Project Purple, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts’ Senior Senator and a staunch supporter of the Health Center.

Herren, a spell-binding speaker, enthralled the crowd with his brief remarks after receiving a Revere bowl.  A McCole watercolor of the HealthCenter was given to Sen. Warren, and was accepted by Jason Burrelle of her Boston office on her behalf.  A video of her greetings to the crowd was then played.

The live auction, led by Jim Hunt, ensued.  Among some truly desirable items up for auction were dinner and drinks for eight at 224 Boston, a week in a villa in Tuscany, a Harbor Island outing for your 60-person party, a kids’ party with the Bruins in the Garden, and lunch with the First Lady in Washington.

Key Benefactors and Partners of the “Harbor of Hope” event included Partners Health Care, Boston Medical Center, BMC HealthNet Plan, John Hancock, and Tufts Medical Center. “Harbor of Hope” was a marvelous event, which ended all too soon.

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