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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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January 2, 2014
Heading to New York
By Kevin Devlin

Both fighters work out of Peter Welch’s Gym and are trained by Derek Shea. Hogan has fought eighteen times while Delaney has six fights under his belt. “Francis Hogan and Bobby Delaney are two great kids who have a passion for boxing,” said Shea. “They both truly love to fight! I’m so proud of both of them. I look forward to working and making them both better!“

Frank is a tall, rangy fighter who likes to use his height and distance to beat his opponents with good combinations and high speed,” Shea added. “Bobby is a very active fighter. He’s a busy fighter who likes to wear down his opponents with constant pressure with a high volume of combinations.”   

Bobby is ten years-old and will compete in the 95lb. weigh division. He feels good, excited, whenever he’s in the ring. He’s a scrappy fighter and hopes to win it all.  Bobby’s dad Brendan is very supportive, proud of his boxing accomplishments, and loves being part of a community which really cares.

“They are representing New England, Southie, and Peter’s gym and I‘m proud of that,” he said. “There’s no better feeling when you see them raise his hands and you see that his hard work pays off.  Derek’s a great trainer and Peter lets us use the facility. Its great being part of this terrific community…that’s why I live here… you can’t beat it.

”Tank loves the adrenaline rush when he enters the ring. So, do his parents, Colleen and Richie, as well as his grandparents, Mary and Frank Hogan, and Susan Ridge. His late granddad, Michael Ridge, also loved watching his grandson slug it out with his foes. They are proud of their young ring warrior and happy to be part of the Welch Gym family.

“Francis fights hard and is committed to the sport,” said his dad. “And… we are proud of him. It’s also great to be working out of the Welch Gym. I grew up with Peter and he’s done so much for the kids. The trainers are great role models and my kids (his younger son Richie also fights) love going to this gym.” 

Peter Welch has nothing but praise for the Beast and the Tank.“They are up and coming stars from blue collar families with a blue-collar work ethic,” said Welch. “They know life is tough… and so isn’t boxing. So you work through it and stay mentally tough. They’ve done it…and know they have to stay humble, be dedicated, work hard, and grind it out. That’s what the sport is, a metaphor for life. It teaches you a lesson. It’s always the hard work that separates the contenders from the champions.” 

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