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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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January 9, 2013

 The Homicide in South Boston

By Rick Winterson

  Monday’s homicide on Second Street near its intersection with E Street was the City of Boston’s second homicide so far this year.  Details concerning that violent event are quite sparse as of this writing (Wednesday morning).

  A call, rumored to have been sparked by the sound of gunfire, came to the Boston Police Department (the BPD) at 3 a.m. on Monday, January 7.  The victim, a Hispanic male, was said to have sustained a number of serious wounds, including two to the head.  Despite the efforts by an emergency medical team, he was declared dead at Tufts Medical very soon after the police call.

  Rumors are circulating about this crime, especially regarding a connection to Boston’s drug scene, but these are entirely unconfirmed.  In fact, South Boston Online has heard that the victim has not been positively identified yet.  Certainly, no official information has been released, although the BPD’s Homicide Unit got on the case immediately.  The only firm assumption is that the incident was not a random act.

  For those not familiar with BPD procedures, all homicides are handled by the Homicide Unit at BPD Headquarters.  Information about homicides comes from there, not from South Boston’s Station Six.  Furthermore, information may not be given out while a homicide case is designated as “under investigation”.

  There are reasons for this.  It could be that the next of kin should be notified before a victim’s name is made public.  South Boston Online imagines that might be especially true if the victim were young.  It may be that witnesses would be afraid to come forward if there was a sudden burst of publicity about a homicide.  Whatever the reason might be, the Homicide Unit was at Station Six interviewing various individuals on Tuesday morning, but issued no statement afterward.

  The impromptu shrine pictured above was placed on Second Street near E for reasons unknown at this time.  It may be a small shrine; it might have no more significance than the dried out and shedding Christmas trees on Second Street’s sidewalks.  We’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds.

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