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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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February 6, 2014
Keep Dogs On a Leash
By Kevin Delvin
“I have lived in the City Point section my entire life,” said Hawkes. “I have a small dog that I keep on the leash every time I leave the house. On Super Bowl Sunday I was with a friend and we were walking past the Lagoon. Suddenly a dog that wasn’t on a leash ran right out into the street and almost got hit by a car. When the dog ran back to the beach the owners still did not put the leash on. I would never do that. It’s horrifying to think what could happen to a dog. 
“As I looked towards the Lagoon,” she added. “I saw a number of dogs running amuck on the beach as well as inside Farragut Park near the bandstand. Dog owners are leaving their plastic bags with dog waste in piles under trees at this park. This is a reoccurring theme and not just an isolated event. I’ve seen it before. I just can’t believe it. I’m mad as Hell.”
Her day wasn’t quite over because another incident occurred which really unsettled her nerves.
“I was also accosted by two young women when their dog came after my dog,” Hawkes further stated. “Their dog was growling and off the leash. I asked her to get her dog and then said that there was a leash law in Boston. She proceeded to yell and swear at me.”  
State law and City Ordinance prohibit this behavior from dog owners and they can be fined. For the protection of people, “When your dog is off of your property, it must be on a leash”(Mass. General Laws 140, Section 173, and City Ordinance 16-1.9) and “while enjoying our city’s parks with our pets, the same rule applies.”  
City Ordinance clearly dictates that “in order to ensure a secure and clean environment…and protect the public from potential hazardous health conditions and environmental pollution caused by dog waste” owners must be prepared to “remove and dispose of feces in a toilet or in a trash container after being secured in a plastic bag.”       
Hawkes feels that people are afraid to tell others to obey the leash law because they’ll only scream and swear at them.  
“Why should others with children have to worry about dog waste and dogs off of their leashes,” she concluded. “Nobody cares and nobody enforces these laws…and that’s why people continue to disregard them, to the peril of others.” 

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