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  Sunday, January 25, 2015
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August 8, 2013
Meet Kayla Feltch
By Kevin Devlin

Kayla, 10, lives with her mom Shannon and her grandparents Jeanne and Chuck. She has two uncles, Brian and Danny. She will be entering the fifth grade at the Tynan Elementary School which is located in Southie.  She earned threes and fours (three’s being B’s and four’s being A’s) last school year so she was on the Honor Roll all year. She loves math class and someday hopes to own a bakery.

Kayla’s favorite color is white and her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Her favorite professional entertainer is Eminem. Her favorite month is June, her birthday month. She looks forward to having her birthday party at the Lagoon every year.  And her favorite author is American writer Jeff Kinney, who wrote the acclaimed series of books entitled, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She said she has all of the Wimpy Kid books. 

In her leisure time, Kayla enjoys playing softball and soccer. She’s played in the South Boston Girls’ Softball League for a few years, took this summer off, but may play again next season. She’s been involved in the South Boston Youth Soccer League since she was five years old. 

“I like softball but soccer is really fun,” she said. “I like running and kicking the ball around hoping to score. It’s great.”Kalya also likes hanging out on Castle Island as a participant in the Harry McDonough Sailing program. Like soccer, she also thinks sailing “is really fun.” McDonough Sailing Program Counselor Shannon Mannion has nothing but good things to say about her.“

Kayla’s a great girl who is always cheery,” said Counselor Mannion. “She’s always wearing a big smile. She enjoys spending her days at the McDonough center sailing with old friends and making new ones on shore. She’s just a terrific kid.” If Kayla was the President of the United States, she would, “…Stop littering, stop all the bad people in the world…and have less buildings and more open space areas for people to enjoy.” 

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