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  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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July 31, 2013
Moving Forward, What Can We Do?
By Kevin Devlin

District City Councilor William “Billy” Linehan was enthusiastic that so many young people were at the meeting. He knew it was important especially for young woman. Congressman Stephen Lynch said forty percent of the residents in Southie were between the ages of twenty-to-thirty, an evident demographic change worthy of note. 

Initially, I sensed widespread skepticism emanating from the audience that the entourage of elected and public safety officials was merely a dog-and-pony show. But doubt evaporated as the night wore on. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said overall crime in Southie was down eleven percent and violent crime down twenty-four percent. He said in the last fifteen months, police effectuated 314 arrests, 112 people were summoned into court for various drug-related offenses and 54 search warrants issued.  

During the question and answer segment residents vented. They were angry. A visibly-upset resident expressed frustration that repeated calls to police regarding overt drug deals in front of her house weren’t returned. Another expressed disbelief that police never called back in response to known house breaks by the same perpetrator. Commissioner Davis and Superintendent William “Billy” Evans responded that complaints concerning the lack of timely responses was unacceptable and would be immediately investigated. One man stirred up the crowd when he asked why repeat offenders were out on the street. One guy wanted a return to the good ole days when there was a cop on every corner. And then a young female (said what we were all thinking) that she was fearful of what might happen next!

One woman mentioned that nobody knows their neighbors. In another life, everyone knew everyone but they were simpler times. But it’s not too late. It never is. It’s important that young and old come together. Make an effort. Don’t be afraid to say hello. Knock on your neighbor’s door and introduce yourself. Be friendly. I don’t think we’ll bite each other. Senator Linda Dorcena Forry mentioned the importance of “…One neighborhood and one community.” She was right. We live in a particular neighborhood but we also need to part of the community. 

 “We’re all this together,” said Representative Nick Collins, “And we need to move forward as one.”  

I truly hope it is the beginning on understanding how we can do our part so Southie can remain as safe as possible.“

Evil touched down in this community” said Councilor Linehan. “…And moving forward we must come together.”   

In unity there is indeed strength. It’s one way to fight evil.  

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