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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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August 29, 2013
Parking and Safety Improvements
By Kevin Devlin

Following protocol, Councilor Linehan has already brought this matter forward at a public meeting of concerned residents. “During a public meeting on this space residents raised concerns about safety and the fact that the spaces were not resident only spaces,” Linehan wrote. “More and more cars were trying to squeeze into this space and at times cars were parked out into traffic lanes, making it difficult for cars, and impossible for some larger emergency vehicles, to navigate through the intersection. Because this area was technically considered to be part of the street, without identified parking areas or a location to place the Resident Parking signs, it could not be deemed resident only parking. These issues are being addressed with the current improvements.”Councilor Linehan feels these enhancements, similar to the ones effectuated at M and East Fourth Street (near Emerson Cleaners) will improve safety and maximize parking spaces reserved for residents.  “The current design, which is first being implemented in paint in order to address any concerns before final construction, will include a small island that will allow for angled parking and will safely direct traffic through the intersection,”Linehan added. “Similar improvements have already been made to the intersection of M Street and East Fourth Street. I will continue to work on these problem areas in our neighborhoods to improve public safety and maximize resident parking spaces.”

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