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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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September 19, 2013
Please Vote, It’s as Important as It’s Ever Been
By Rick Winterson

On the morning of next Tuesday, September 24, the citizens of Boston will enter “no excuse land”, because that’s the day of the Primary Elections for Mayor of Boston and for City Councilors-at-Large.  This Primary is critical; it will significantly narrow the field of candidates for both Boston’s Mayor and its City Councilors-at-Large.

The candidates who remain in the running for the General Election on November 5 will have the political power and (we hope) the wisdom to set the course of our City for years, and perhaps decades to come.  And that’s very important.  

Oddly enough, this is one of those so-called “political off-years”, since it’s between Presidential election years.  And secondly, it’s an odd-numbered year, too – not 2014 in other words, when federal elections for the Senate and for Congress will take place.  As a third strike, the upcoming election on September 24 is a Primary Election – primaries usually have a low turnout.But please remember:  you’ll get who you vote for.  If you don’t vote, you’ll get someone else - someone that others have voted for.

How should you vote in a crowded field so full of good candidates?  Three months ago in our June 13 issue, South Boston Online recommended that you base your vote on the issues facing the City of Boston.  We said then that Boston’s biggest issues are badly lagging public education, drugs, and uncontrolled development.  Last week, we endorsed John Connolly as the best Mayoral candidate to resolve those problems.

You will, of course, vote for your own choice of candidates.  But please think about Boston’s key issues before marking your ballot.  Then, vote for the candidates who’ll best deal with the issues that are most important to you.

Even though it’s a Primary Election in an odd numbered off-year, September 24 is an important day for political choices – your political choices.  It’s as important an Election Day for the City of Boston as any we have seen.

For the City of Boston’s sake, stand up and be counted.  Please vote this coming Tuesday, September 24.

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