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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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September 19, 2013
Meet Club Kid Wil Hingston
By Kevin Devlin

Wil, 11, is the son of Tammy and Brian. He has two younger siblings, Colin and Sadie. He’s in the sixth grade and attends the Central Middle School in Quincy. He loves science class and someday hopes to be a movie director. 

Wil’s favorite color is green and his favorite pizza is from Regina Pizzeria. His favorite professional athlete is Bruins star defenseman, Zdano Chara, and his favorite movie producer is Steven Spielberg. His top two favorite movies are ET and Jurassic Park. 

Wil enjoys going to the Club and participating in their programs such as field trips to the art museum and also being at the Club listening to featured speakers. He feels at home there.

“The staff members are really nice at the Club,” said Wil. “They make you feel welcomed. I like that.

”In the world of sports, Wil played baseball in a local league for three seasons and was an outfielder. He played youth football for the West Quincy Elks for the past five seasons. Last year his team went undefeated and captured the league championship. He played defensive tackle and offensive guard. He’ll never forget forcing two fumbles in a league game last season. Wil also likes to swim and his favorite strokes are freestyle and breaststroke. 

In his leisure time, Wil likes to craft free-hand pencil drawings and watch television. His two favorite television shows are “Faceoff” and “Bones.” He’s an avid reader and is currently reading “The Throne of Fire” a fantasy adventure novel written by Rick Riordan.If Wil was the President of the United States, he would…“Make it easier for people to get visas so they’ll feel happy and welcomed when they arrive here, allow people more freedom, and have better education for all kids.”  

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