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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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U.S. Express and Logistics, Inc.
By Rick Winterson

     That rather imposing name belongs to a local firm at 28 Damrell Street where Ewer Street intersects.  It describes a delivery outfit dedicated to reasonably priced, rush, sameday, immediate delivery services and logistics.  No matter what.

      As you are reading this article about U.S. Express and Logistics, Inc., you are also benefiting from their delivery services.  They are the firm that picks up South Boston Online each Wednesday morning, fresh from our printer.  By noontime, they distribute 13,000 Online print copies throughout South Boston and the surrounding areas.

U.S. Express and Logistics, Inc., was founded by owner Michelle B. Furman in 1999.  From the outset, it was a successful firm, generating $10,000 in revenues during its first month.  It has since grown into the seven-figure annual income range.  Their clients apparently appreciate their ability to handle deliveries falling into the categories of “RUSH”, “SAMEDAY”, or “IMMEDIATE”. 

     This service orientation is coupled with charges that are cost-effective.  Prices are based on mileage, not on total weight.  To mention just one example, if you are a client of U.S. Express and Logistics, Inc., you can have them make a one-shot package delivery to downtown Boston for less than $20.

     The Furman name is well known in Boston transportation circles.  The family once operated the Red and White Taxi Company.  Michelle Furman and her husband, Philip, were co-owners of Boston Packaging on Farragut Road, before she started up U.S. Express and Logistics.  Furman and her management team offer their clients more than a century of combined transportation experience.

     Simply picking up and dropping off shipments may look fairly basic, but it’s the reliability and services at U.S. Express and Logistics, Inc., that make the difference.  They offer rush, sameday bicycle delivery service in Boston and Cambridge.  The six bicycle couriers are all licensed and insured.  Truck deliveries – local, long distance, and “dedicated route” – are all available.  They regularly make immediate deliveries to connecting, outgoing air flights, coupled with hand delivery to the consignee on the other end.  Included in the word “logistics” in the company’s name are warehousing and distribution services.

The operations at U.S. Express and Logistics are backed up by a computer system customized for sameday delivery services.  This makes instantaneous shipment tracking easy; clients can receive customized billings that are already broken down by project or by cost centers.

     Perhaps most important, U.S. Express and Logistics is always “open for business” - 24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year.  No exceptions, all the time.  And it’s a small, woman-owned enterprise, if set-asides are required as part of a project or contract bid

Their South Boston location at 28 Damrell Street was an excellent choice, according to the staff at U.S. Express and Logistics.  In fact, 25% of their business comes from inside South Boston.  Local clients include the Neighborhood House (donated computers), Communication Graf/X (envelope materials) and several of the businesses in Marine Industrial Park.  If you recently went to a play and got a program entitled “Panorama”, you were holding something assembled here by Winthrop Printing and delivered to the theater by U.S. Express and Logistics.

     Some of the regular deliveries performed at U.S. Express and Logistics include photos, gift boxes, and window displays to downtown retailers.  They deliver just-in-time construction supplies to contactors’ sites that need these in order to begin work early in the morning.  Payroll deliveries are among their offerings

     And there are many, many unusual client requests that can only be handled by the unique blend of services offered at U.S. Express and Logistics.  They delivered an extremely rare, 30-pound, live blue lobster from Woods Hole to the Aquarium – look for it there.  Their ability to deliver laboratory animals and donated human organs supports Boston’s medical complexes.

     True love mustn’t be denied – U.S. Express and Logistics brought a $10,000 diamond engagement ring from a Copley Square jeweler to Martha’s Vineyard so a young man could formally propose to his girl friend.

     U.S. Express and Logistics also delivers food items.  They rushed a huge cake to the Democratic National Convention in a reefer truck.  They have shipped and distributed Passover matzos to Boston from the Jonah Schimmel Bakery in Brooklyn.

     If you wondered how championship T-shirts got to local stores so quickly after the Sox and the Pats won their final games in ’04 and ‘05, just ask U.S. Express and Logistics.

    The work at U.S. Express and Logistics is always challenging and frequently demanding.  Despite this, the staff who work there visibly enjoy what they are doing – their enthusiasm for their jobs really shows.  Give them a call at (617)269-2626 (TOLL FREE outside of Boston: 877-295-2626), or contact them at www.usexpressusa.com

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The competent U.S. EXPRESS staff at 28 Damrell Street: Jay Blinn, Customer Service; Tom Collins, Operations Manager; Kathleen Heger, Business Development; Tony Goldman, Lead Dispatcher; and Theresa Cumming, Director of Customer Service.