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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Sunday, March 1, 2015
South Boston Online
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Gallery SBAA Opens
By Audrey Williams

     Last Friday evening, there was a splash in the West Broadway neighborhood.  Gallery SBAA at 369 West Broadway formally opened, with a reception featuring artwork, wine tasting, appetizers, and pastries, along with eight door prizes.  More than 100 people, including neighborhood residents, members of the South Boston Arts Association, and other interested friends, attended the reception. 

     Gallery SBAA is a commercial venture for many of the artists in the SBAA; it is managed by Pauline Margarone.  Gallery SBAA generated sales during the reception from the many well-wishers.  Well wishes also came from the generosity of other businesses in South Boston.  O’Donoghue’s, located on Broadway near E Street, hosted the wine-tasting and provided the wine.  From its bakery on West Broadway, the Open Door provided the baked goods.  The appetizers were donated by SOUTH at 77 Dorchester Street. 

     Everyone who attended had a great time.  They hope that the reception becomes an annual event.

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