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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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DHA January Meeting
By Rick Winterson

     The January meeting of the Dorchester Heights Association (DHA) opened with a brief presentation by state Rep. Brian Wallace, regarding the Crime Watch and the meeting on January 21 at the Convention Center.  Everyone was encouraged to attend.  This was followed by a park update by Ranger John Manson.

     A major segment of the meeting was devoted to discussing evacuation plans in the event of a threatening event or a city-wide emergency.  Terrorist attacks and extreme weather conditions were mentioned as examples.  Evacuation route signage is being emplaced; actual routes have been laid out.  The next steps involve communication with the public and coordination among the agencies.

     Sr. Mark Louis, Marian Manor Administrator, then gave an update on the status of Marian Manor’s relocation plans.  A purchase and sales agreement on land near the Quincy quarries was executed last November.  Plans and approvals are underway, but it’ll be some time before permitting is complete.  Groundbreaking may take place within a year.

     The whole project is interlocked.  Advance sales of many of the independent living units at the new Marian Manor, as well as firmer prospects for the disposal of the present Dorchester Street location, are required before the entire project can be financed.

     The DHA meeting closed with a rundown of the usual topics – treasury, activities, and plans for the February meeting.

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