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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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Mayor's Race Begins This Saturday
By Brain P. Wallace

     “The General” Bob Lee will be at the South Boston Public Library this Saturday January 28th  from 10AM to Noon along with the Claddagh Society officers Tim Duross, Bubba Cahill, Sheila Lynch and Tommy Butler as the 10th annual Mayor of South Boston election officially kicks off. There has been a late flurry of feverish activity as candidates and prospective candidates begin to line up their campaign staffs and reach out to previous candidates to try to get an edge on the competition. Last week the Andrew Square area reported that they might have a candidate who will bring the Mayor’s medallion “Down The Square” This week the dance card began to fill up even more definitively as two high profile candidates have been putting out their own feelers.

     Word out of the lower end has it that Brian” The Brain” Mahoney has been burning up the phone lines talking to supporters about his chances of succeeding Janice Connolly Laubenstein as the next Mayor of South Boston. Brian it has been rumored has been strategizing with former Mayor Diane “Bingo” Horne and is just about ready to commit to the race. Will the lower end be able to dominate this race as it did when Diane was elected or will Andrew Square step up and take home its first crown?

     Just as we were going to press another high profile candidate may have emerged and if the rumors are true he will be very formidable. Word has it that Tommy “The Little Giant” White has been seen talking to Joyce Tinlin Higgins and Kevin “The Piper” Conroy which is a dead giveaway that the high roller from Linden Street by way of the Hanna Club is getting close to throwing his hat in the ring. And what about Donny Crowley? There has been a persistent rumor emanating from the East 8th Street area that “Donny “The Dude” Crowley is confiding to close supporters that he is close to a decision. “Crowley is telling people that he wants to raise more than the Bob “The General” Lee did when he became the fifth Mayor of Southie,” stated Claddagh Society Treasurer Timmy Duross. “That is a tall order,” said Bubba Cahill.

     Will there be others? Will any women step up? Will this be a repeat of the third Mayor’s race that saw three guys Kevin “The Piper” Conroy face off against “Disco” Dru Errico and Chico “Don’t you worry” Malkofsky? That was a classic race with Conroy pulling it out on Election Day, which by the way will be held on Saturday March 4th at the Library. We’ll all have to wait until Saturday to see what develops and who signs their name on the dotted line. Stay tuned.

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