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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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SBCA to Present Henry Knox Awards

     The 2006 Henry Knox Unsung Hero Awards will be presented to Joe Rull, Tom McGrath, Jennifer Jackson and Anthony Gilardi for their exemplary behind the scenes efforts on behalf of the South Boston Community.


     “Since instituting the Henry Knox Unsung Hero Awards several years ago, we have made them a part of our Annual Evacuation Day Events and presented them at the SBCA’s Annual Evacuation Day Banquet. This year we wanted to be sure that the award dedicated to America’s most unsung hero, Major General Henry Knox, garnered more stature and prominence during our events. The executive board thought it a good idea to add the presentation of these awards to the Annual Jimmy Flaherty Kick Off Breakfast,” stated Bare, “after all; the Kick Off Breakfast was named for the late Jimmy Flaherty, who, coincidently was one of this neighborhood’s most unsung heroes. Jimmy did more for this community behind the scenes than anyone I can think of and was always content with the credit going elsewhere. It is more than fitting to attach these awards to this event.”


     Bare continued, “Without getting into long particular details about why these four recipients were chosen, I’ll just say that anyone that knows them is aware of what they have done to benefit this community. All have worked diligently under the radar, whether it is in the field of youth sports, raising funds for substance abuse centers or other worthy causes, organizing children’s events, helping neighborhood kids get jobs or job training, or just going above and beyond the call of duty in participating at community meetings, charity events and volunteer activities. All have been of great help to the SBCA and to yours truly in organizing some of our many events. The name of the award says it all.”


     “It gives me great pleasure to announce these awards,” said Bare. “These are truly dedicated and committed individuals who have contributed so much while avoiding the limelight and drawing attention to their deeds. It is fitting for the Citizens’ Association, and the South Boston community at large, to honor their contributions. I urge the entire community to attend and help the SBCA honor the Unsung Heroes of South Boston on February 25, 2006 at 10 am at the Cornerstone Restaurant.”          

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