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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Friday, March 27, 2015
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
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An Advertisement for Ourselves

     Our St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day issue (March 16) is just four short weeks away.  It is invariably our single biggest issue of the year, because there is so much to write about and report on.  The week of the Parade is truly the “South Boston Mardi Gras”.  South Boston Online will be covering everything from the Southie Mayoral Campaign to the Parade itself on Sunday, March 19.

     If you are an elected or appointed official with South Boston constituents, greet them and wish them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with a special advertisement in the pages of South Boston Online.

     If you are in a veterans’ organization, salute South Boston’s loyal military men and women with an Evacuation Day remembrance.  After all, that was the first Colonial victory, planned and led by the likes of John Thomas, Henry Knox, and the Continental Commander-in-Chief, George Washington himself.

     To Southie’s many great restaurants and pubs, do you really think you’ll have the best corned-beef-and-cabbage?  Do you pour the finest Guinness draft in the City?  May we suggest that you say so, loud and clear – in South Boston Online, of course.

     Are you planning any kind of special festivities or observances that weekend?  South Boston Online’s St. Patrick’s Day issue hits the streets on Wednesday, March 15.  Tell everyone about your plans with an advertisement in our pages.

     Because of its wide neighborhood coverage, South Boston Online is an ideal place for social groups and civic organizations to seek new members.  The St. Patrick/Evacuation Day issue is absolutely the most widely read issue of the year.  Take advantage of it.

     For local businesses, we not only write business columns about our advertisers, we also list them in the Business Directory section of our website.  Let your customers and neighbors know what you have going on that week.

     With 15,000 copies distributed that week, along with a strong secondary readership, the March 16 issue of South Boston Online is the place to be.  Why?  Because you’ll be highly visible – pure and simple.

     South Boston Online also offers attractive rates for multiple advertisements and contracts.  Please call us soon at (617)269-5550.  Don’t miss our largest issue of the year.

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