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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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A Dozen Eggs
By Rick Winterson

     Founded by South Bostonian Laura Courtemanche a year ago, “A Dozen Eggs” makes specialized, artistically decorated cookies, including many with St. Patrick’s Day themes.  Her customers range from individuals to major corporations.  Join us in welcoming another new business to South Boston.

     Perhaps it’s the salt air that constantly stimulates the people of South Boston.  Maybe it’s the long-held tradition around here of “doing for yourself”.  Whatever the reason, the entrepreneurial spirit in South Boston leads to an enormous number of enterprises, from major real estate developments to small service businesses.  It’s a pleasure to report on one more – founder and owner Laura Ann Courtemanche calls her business “A Dozen Eggs”.  Her product: delicious decorated cookies.

     Laura was brought up in Mashpee on the Cape, and graduated from Falmouth High.  From there, she worked at several retail stores.  These included Filene’s Basement, F.A.O. Schwarz, and the Learning Smith, both here and in Westchester County in New York.  In addition to several years in floor sales, she worked in human resources with particular responsibility for retail hiring.  To prepare herself for embarking upon a career in food, she completed requirements at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  After that, she worked at Cooks Illustrated and as a dessert chef at Hammersley’s Bistro.

     She met her husband, Dave Morello, at F.A.O. Schwarz, in the shadow of the bronze teddy bear.  He’s originally from Oklahoma but turned into a Massachusetts resident (Arlington, Hudson).  In addition to helping Laura, Dave is a printer.  He’s also a comic strip artist, who creates so-called “graphic novels”.  They live on Gates Street.

     Dave was studying for a Political Science degree at B.C. and was earning extra money by working as a “product demonstrator” at Schwarz, when they met.  This meant, among other things, blowing bubbles with bubble gum for the kids in the store.  Laura herself learned how to juggle while she was there.  Now if that isn’t a great love story, we don’t know what is.  And they eloped, yet!

     The third member of A Dozen Eggs is Yvette Taylor.  She does a lot of the decorating.  Yvette is from South Natick.  She and her husband, who is a citizen of New Zealand, spent several years there, until family considerations brought them back.  Yvette will graduate from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in just three weeks.

     A Dozen Eggs is on a rapid growth curve.  It made a profit in less than a year, which, as any venture capitalist will tell you, is quite an accomplishment.  Among Laura’s corporate customers are the Science Museum (cookies with Star Wars designs), the Texas law firm Vinson & Elkins, and Hydro Construction in Colorado.  She has supplied a Harry Potter book signing as well.  Shoppers in the Dean and Deluca Valentine catalog ordered 720 tins of cookies from A Dozen Eggs – that’s a mere 100 gross (14,400 cookies, in total).

     But the mainstay of Laura’s business is orders from individuals.  They account for more than half of the cookies sold.  Birthdays, showers, christenings, and holiday celebrations – St. Patrick’s Day is coming – have featured custom-designed cookies from A Dozen Eggs.  They are a great idea for distinctive favors at fundraisers.

     When Laura is asked why she went into business for herself, she quickly replies, “To be happy.”  She has modified the basic sugar cookie recipe so it’s stronger and better tasting (check out the butter taste).  And she loves to develop custom designs that are whimsical – rabbits, lobsters, “girly stuff”, in her words.

     Cookies from A Dozen Eggs are carried at only a few upscale retail outlets, such as Lionetti’s and the Garden of Eden (Tremont Street in the South End), as well as Savenor’s on Charles Street.  But the best way for South Boston residents to find out about them and to purchase them is log onto adozeneggs.com. 

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Dave Morello, Laura Courtemanche (founder of A Dozen Eggs), and Yvette Taylor preparing a St. Patrick's Day cookie order.

Dave Morello, Laura

Courtemanche (founder

of A Dozen Eggs) and Yvette Taylor preparing a St. Patrick's

day cookie order.

A few of the specialized cookies available from "A Dozen Eggs". Note the emblems of Boston in their design.

A few of the specialized

cookies available from

"A Dozen Eggs". Note the emlbems of Boston in their