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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Steve Greig, 2006 Chief Marshal
By Rick Winterson

     Steve Greig is the son of Claire (Melia) and Archibald Greig.  Steve’s mother was born in South Boston; his father, Archibald, immigrated from Glasgow, Scotland, which makes him a “Glaswegian”, according to those guardians of the English language.  Archibald was a tool and die maker, and became a citizen after serving in the U.S. Navy.

     Initially, the Greig family lived on Emerson Street, but moved to K Street between Sixth and Seventh, which became the ancestral home.  Steve attended the Gate of Heaven School all the way from first grade through high school.  He then took business courses at UMass Boston.

     Steve has four sisters – Marie, who still lives in the family home on K Street; June (Byrne), Springer Street; Deborah (Walsh), Columbia Road; and Claire (McDonough), who left us for the Irish Riviera in Florida.

     After graduation, Steve joined Stop & Shop in the facility that used to be located on D Street.  He began with various aspects of clerical work, and went on to bank reconciliations and bookkeeping.  When Stop & Shop acquired Bradlee’s, he transferred into that division.

     The draft was still in effect when Steve was a young man, so in 1971, he decided to enlist in the Army as a way of fulfilling his military obligation.  He then spent a 13-month tour of duty in Korea as a Finance Specialist, which utilized his civilian background.  He completed his three-year hitch in Post Headquarters at Fort Monmouth, N.J., mustering out with an Honorable Discharge.

     He returned to Bradlee’s to work in budgeting until that division of Stop & Shop was shut down in 2001.  Since that time, he has worked for the City of Boston in the Mission Hill Center for Youth and Families.  He’s the Administrator of the billing function in that operation.

     Steve met his wife, Catherine Greene of Old Harbor Street, at a christening party given by mutual friends.  Cathy is also a lifelong resident and a graduate of Southie High.  She works with Citizens Bank in Medford, tracing and preventing ATM frauds.  They started dating right away, and married the next year.  On August 1, 2006, they will celebrate 19 years together. 

     Steve and Cathy have two children.  Sharon will turn 21 on March 20, the day after the Parade.  She has presented them with a grandson, Conor.  Steve, Jr., is 14.  He attends the Gavin School.

     Steve became involved in veteran’s work five years ago.  He is the Junior Vice Commander of the McDonough Post, and has served for some time in that Post’s color guard.  Plans are being made for the restoration of the Post, which suffered structural damage a few years ago.  Steve was also active on the Committee for the 20th Anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial in Medal of Honor Park.

     In addition, Steve is a bowler in the Charlie O’Connell League at the South Boston Yacht Club.  On Sunday mornings, he lends a hand with the special kids who bowl there.

     When asked how he feels about being the 2006 Chief Marshal, Steve replies, “I’ve watched the Parade since I was a boy.  Last year, I helped out in the staging area where the bands lined up. I never realized how much work goes into the Parade.  It’s quite an honor to be the Chief Marshal.”    

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Parade Chief Marshal Steve Greig and Wacko Hurley looking over Parade plans.
Parade Chief Marshal Steve Greig and Wacko Hurley looking over Parade plans.