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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Friday, February 27, 2015
South Boston Online
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A Taste of South Boston
By Rick Winterson

     The “Taste of South Boston” event is a fundraiser.  It provides a means for the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation to create and maintain a stock of affordable housing in our neighborhood.  One of its strongest roots goes back to the effort by St. Vincent de Paul Parish to retain residences along West Second and Third Streets several years ago.

     Very specifically, last year’s “Taste” event raised money for a down payment for residences on Devine Way.  A family with three children has been accommodated in one of the larger units there since then.  South Boston icon Richie Almeida rents in a one-room basement flat there. “A Taste of South Boston” works – it really does.

     Just as important is the “time” it presents to South Boston.  On Sunday evening, March 5, Mardi Gras and Carnivale celebrations will be at their peaks around the world.  You can join in these celebrations luxuriously yet inexpensively at “A Taste of South Boston”, which will start at 6 p.m. in the City View Ballroom at the World Trade Center.

     Since its inception, the restaurants of South Boston have really stepped up.  They now run “A Taste of South Boston”, and you will be amazed at what’s served.  Not only is it a feast, but also it’s typical of the dining you can experience every day in South Boston’s establishments.

     It is impossible to give space to all 21 of the restaurants that are expected at “A Taste of South Boston”, although it would be a labor of love to describe every one of them individually.  Perhaps it’s fair to just give the newcomers a quick mention – the Drydock Café (seafood focus), Lucy’s Kitchen (on L Street), and Arpeggio’s (ice cream topped with whatever).

     You’ll receive small portions of each participant’s food as you circulate around the floor.  Imagine testing each of 21 restaurants, and then going back to your favorites for seconds (or thirds).  There’ll be plenty of the best.  Harpoon Brewery will be there as well, and Al’s Liquors has promised a wine tasting.

     Lucky’s Lounge will contribute live jazz and cabaret-style entertainment during “A Taste of South Boston”.  MIKE 93.7FM will be broadcasting.  And there will be attractive silent auction items, including Red Sox-Yankees tickets in May, and a brace of four Bruins tickets.  Eye-catching business and gallery displays will be on hand.

     This is an old saying, but, “It’s an evening you won’t want to miss.”  Phone (617)268-9610.

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