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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Friday, March 6, 2015
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
South Boston Online
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        The 126th South Boston Citizens' Association Banquet


Robert Pacitti, Patrick                      John Mullen (center)                      Molly Casper, the

Egan, Robert Ferrara,                      receives his 2006                           daughter of Donna and

and Dan Ferrara receive                 Shamrock Award                            Joe, accepts the

their 2006 Shamrock                       at the Citizens' Assoc.                    Michael Tighe Award

Awards at the                                   Banquet.                                         from Randy O'Brien.




Jim Rooney (2nd                       One reason South Boston                  The colonials gather with  

from r.) recipient of this           is what it is: its devoted                    the modern Navy at the

year's Moakley Award,             activists, some of whom                    Citizens' Association

with his family at the                are pictured above.                           Evacuation Day Banquet.

2006 Citizens'

Association Banquet.



Capt. Paul Russell of                   Mike Bare, President of                 Miss South Boston, Elizabeth

BPD Station C-6 escorts              the South Boston                           Balaconis, accepts

his lovely wife, Kelley.               Citizens' Association,                     congratulations on her 2006

                                                    with incoming President                achievement at the

                                                    Tom McGrath.                                 Citizens' Association                                                                                                                Banquet


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