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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Another Side of Bob Harris
By Janet Mahar

     Last week there was an article written about my brother Bob Harris.  I would like to add some additional information, to show what kind of person my brother really was.  I know most of the information about him came from a dvd that was made,  but that does not depict who my brother really was. 

     The message that he was trying to get through to the kids, could easily be applied to his fight with brain cancer.  When my brother was first diagnosed with his brain tumor he decided then and there that he would fight this, and hopefully beat it. 

     Through the four years, my brother was always upbeat and positive, and he made sure we were too.  No matter how sick he was feeling from the chemotherapy, he wouldn’t let on, how bad he felt. 

     I know one time, my son Kane, called him to ask him to come to his hockey game.  I knew Bobby wasn’t feeling well, but he didn’t want to disappoint his nephew.  So he went.  He did this on many different occasions, with my son and daughter.  This should tell you what kind of man my brother was. 

     Bobby’s strength and courageousness should be something to be admired.  Bobby never had any intention on giving up.  In fact he never gave up on anything in his life.  My brother use to always say he never lost a fight in his life, but unfortunately he lost this one. 

     My brother touched so many people’s lives.  You would have had to know him personally to fully understand what an amazing person he was.  If love alone could have saved my brother, he never would have died.  For the rest of my life I can’t imagine anyone ever measuring up to the man he was.  My mother assures me that Bobby is with God now, in a place of complete peace and happiness.  He is finally home.

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