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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Job Fair at the Westin
By Rick Winterson

     The Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel is the host hotel to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  As such, it will be the first hotel filled by those attending events at the Convention Center.  There’s even an enclosed bridge that connects the two structures.

     Even more exciting is the roster of conventions this summer, which includes the Lions and Microsoft.

     Now that the Westin is into its final construction phase – interior finish – they will begin hiring upwards of 400 associates, who will be responsible for welcoming guests to Boston’s newest hotel.  This hiring will take place at a Job Fair in the Convention Center next week, Monday through Thursday, April 10, 11, 12, and 13, from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.  If you have ever thought about a career in hotel work, don’t miss the Westin Job Fair.

     Listen to the words of David Connor, the General Manager of the Westin.  He says, “Every job you can think of in a hotel is what we need.  Our openings cover all walks of life.  That’s what is interesting about hotel work.  There are so many different disciplines – accountants, engineers, office staff, front desk, bell staff, restaurant servers, bussers, culinaries, and so on.”  In fact, the Westin Job Fair flyer lists 25 different jobs that are available to its applicants.

     Applicants at all levels of experience, including those who are just out of school, are encouraged to come to the Job Fair.  According to Connor, “We will be looking for new hires who’ll work hard and who have the right attitude.  We’ll give them the necessary training.”

     Those individuals with previous hotel experience may qualify to be supervisors or junior managers.  There are even two executive leadership positions open – Director of Rooms and Director of Food and Beverages.  These directors will manage staffs of 150 or more.

     Viewed broadly, the field of hospitality includes foodservice, guest services, conventions, tourism, business travel, entertainment, and hotel management.  It is very large and increasing rapidly in and around Boston.  Some day, it will be Boston’s single largest source of jobs.  The work is challenging, and there are plenty of chances for advancement.  The openings at the prestigious Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel may be your entrée into a very rewarding career.

     The new Westin is a 790-guestroom complex.  It includes a health club (with pool), fine dining, and a number of guest and business services.  Among its facilities are a large, two-acre retail area and an elegant, 15,000 square foot ballroom.  If you are hired, you might get to work on the Mass General Hospital’s “Storybook Ball” or the ball being thrown by the Irish Chamber of Commerce.  Both sound exciting.

     When you arrive at the Convention Center for the Job Fair, greeters and information personnel will help you through the application process.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.    You will be interviewed in an enormous model of a Westin suite so that you will have an idea of their hospitality concepts.  It’s really worth a visit. And you will hear back from the Westin within a week regarding job possibilities.

     As an added bonus, the Westin is a short bus ride (#7, Silver Line) or a 15-minute walk from Broadway. 

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Even if it's not yet finished, the lobby of the new Westin Hotel at the Convention Center is quite impressive.

The connecting bridge from th Westin Hotel on the left to the Convention Center on the right.