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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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New Management at SOUTH
By Rick Winterson

     SOUTH, the most popular new restaurant in South Boston, has announced a new management team.  Jerome Watkins, SOUTH’s Executive Chef and co-owner, and his partner, Brian Culkin, have been joined by new General Manager Derek Ricarte. 

     You will still recognize hostess Kit Davison, who came here from San Francisco last August.  She says she loves Boston, even though our winters are long and cold.  You’ll also see familiar Southie faces, like Christine Noonan, who is behind the wine bar on Thursdays.

     Chef Watkins specializes in American ingredients prepared with his own personal flair.  His menu evolves with each season, the dishes being created from what is fresh and available locally at any given time of the year.  Wild venison with a blueberry glaze is currently on the menu.  Try it for an unusual but satisfying taste.

     SOUTH is known for its extensive, high-quality wine list.  It has some 140 selections, but don’t let that intimidate you.  Try a reasonably priced South American white or a Shiraz (red) from Australia.  Who would have thought it, but there’s a Gewurtztraminer from Rhode Island, of all places.  Any of them will give French and Californian wines a run for their money.  And never mind what you saw and heard in the movie “Sideways” – a Merlot of the right vintage can be a very good wine.

     “The Gentlemen of Jazz”, who had been playing at SOUTH on Monday evenings, will move to Tuesdays starting next week, from 7:30 ‘til 11 p.m.  They play a variety of genres – swing to modern, with touches of Dixieland and ragtime.  Nice!  Very nice!

The atmosphere at SOUTH is subdued, but not heavy or dark.  In fact, there are some noticeable art deco decorative elements.  Although it should be basic in any dining and drinking establishment, the neatness and cleanliness at SOUTH is exceptional.  Families are welcome – there are young folks’ selections on the SOUTH menu.

     SOUTH Restaurant and Wine Bar wants to become part of the community.  They will be partnering with us at South Boston Online to support local youth programs.  Stay tuned.

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The SOUTH staff: (standing) Chef and co-owner Jerome Watkins, General Manager Derek Ricarte; (seated) Todd Lewis, Sean Balko, David Brown, Robert Pinkney, Stacie Ross, Brian Mantz

Brooks Doten and Kit Davison welcome you to SOUTH.