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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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Boston Police District C-6 Introduce Operation Bypass
From Sgt. William Meade C-6 Community Services

     Under the direction of Captain Paul Russell, Commanding Officer of District C-6, the Boston Police Department introduces Operation Bypass, which is a multi-faceted approach to help young children identify and avoid the pitfalls of substance use and abuse. We recognize that children begin to drink alcohol at younger and younger ages and this behavior leads to more troubling issues such as experimenting with controlled substances. It is our goal to educate and support their efforts in dealing with substance abuse issues through these initiatives that encourage positive reinforcement, education and counseling.

     The first initiative is a diversion program that is a partnership between the Gavin Foundation, the Boston Police Department, Boston Juvenile Court and South Boston District Court. C-6 Officers will identify offenders that they feel will benefit from this pilot program which offers counseling rather than criminal prosecution. District C-6 Police Officers will issue a police report for first time, non-violent offenders and refer them to the diversion program rather than for criminal prosecution.  There is no charge to the participants of the program. Clients of the program will receive substance abuse education and case management services.

     Diversion program clients are required to participate in a minimum of twelve one-hour sessions.  In addition to substance abuse issues these sessions will focus on violence prevention, goal setting, health issues and linkage to community resources. The client’s attendance will be reported to the Court Magistrate weekly and any client found to be noncompliant for attendance or behavioral issues will be referred back to the courts for criminal prosecution. The program offers gender specific groups. Once the person referred has successfully completed the twelve-week session, no further legal action will be taken.

     The second project that has begun is the Quality of Life Patrols also know as Q-LIP. C-6 Officers have begun to issue citations for violations of various City of Boston ordinances, such as drinking in public, violations of the city noise ordinance, and disturbances of the peace. Rather than face criminal prosecution for such offences the violator receives the citation and has 21 day to pay the monetary fine, thus avoiding a criminal record. After that time the citation is sent back to the court and the offender will then have to face criminal charges.

     The final segment of this initiative is a series of summer programs designed for youth ages 9 and up which will incorporate drug awareness and abuse prevention components that are built into the early stages of each program. The District C-6 Fishing Academy and Junior Police Academy are just a few of the programs designed to assist with these initiatives.

     It is our hope that the clients referred to these programs take advantage of these opportunities to avoid receiving a criminal record that is carried with you for the rest of your life, which, in turn, can affect future endeavors such as applying to colleges, seeking scholarships, or simply applying for a job later on in life.

     Should you have any questions about these programs please contact my office at 1-617-343-4747

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