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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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LoGrasso's Barber Shop Opens
By Rick Winterson

The Lo Grasso family has been a mainstay of the South Boston scene for generations.  Rocky and his sons, Charlie and Sal, have recently opened the doors of their new barber shop at the corner of L and Second.  Stop in to watch sports, play pool, and of course, get a fine haircut.

     You have passed by the new Lo Grasso’s Barber Shop on the corner of L and Second Streets many times.  Most recently, it was Zeiler’s Office Furniture.  For long-time South Boston residents, it was better known as the site of Fabiano’s Shoe Store, which occupied the site for several decades.

     For 40 years, Rocky Lo Grasso operated a barber shop on Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain.  Recently, he and his sons, Charlie and Sal, invested in the L and Second Street site.  Lo Grasso’s Barber Shop opened at the end of April. The result is really worth a visit, even if you don’t need a haircut that particular day.

     The exterior brick has been cleaned; black Lo Grasso awnings have been installed over the windows.  The interior has newly finished hardwood floors and fresh white paint throughout, along with three black, comfortably upholstered barber chairs. 

     Perhaps the most unusual feature is the spacious lounge area, which is actually bigger than the haircutting section.  A plasma TV, a regulation pool table, and couches make a relaxing place to wait.  You may just want to stop in to talk about Boston’s teams – where else but in a barber shop are the most important professional sports decisions made?

     And the classic photographs are worth a look-see also.  Can you find one of the earliest photos of the Chairman of the Board?  Ol’ blue-eyes is back (he never really left).

     Rocky Lo Grasso’s story is typically American.  The Lo Grasso parents came here from Italy, and eventually saved enough money to bring over their nine children – four brothers and five sisters.  Rocky came here at the age of 20.  He was already an experienced barber, so he went right to work. 

     Soon, he was able to return to his hometown of Reisi in Sicily to marry Lina Mirisola and bring her back here.  Keeping track of both the Lo Grasso and Mirisola extended families in South Boston would challenge a full-time historian.  Suffice to say that the two families are the founders of a number of businesses in Southie, including Mirisola’s on L Street, which belongs to Lina’s nephew.  Rocky’s brothers, Sal and Ottavio, also have their own enterprises.

     The Lo Grasso family owns a home on Ticknor Street, where Rocky and Lina brought up their four children.  Bernadette lives in Arlington.  She’s married, has two kids, and works as a medical assistant.  Angela works at Nurture on L Street and lives upstairs on Ticknor Street.  Sons Charlie and Sal are partners with Rocky in the new barber shop.

     Charlie has been a professional boxer, with quite a respectable won-lost record.  He spent a few years in Los Angeles and worked out at Fred Roche’s well known gym in North Hollywood.  He is also a screenwriter with several interesting screenplays and properties.

     Sal is a high-energy type.  He has studied digital audio techniques at school.  His background includes D.J. gigs at Avalon, both here and in New York.  He spent two years at the Embassy getting his credentials, and has worked at Venue on Warrenton as well

     But of course, the reason to go to Lo Grasso’s is to get a haircut.  In the few weeks Lo Grasso’s has been open, repeat customers are already coming back and bringing newcomers with them.  Rich Litto stopped to get his Marine flat-top renewed, when he got back from Iraq.

     Lo Grasso’s Barber Shop is open from 9 until 8, Monday through Friday, and 9 to 4 on Saturday.  Both walk-ins and appointments are welcomed.  Just call (617)268-0012.  The shop’s street address is actually 852 Summer Street, but everyone is more familiar with saying “on the corner of L and Second”.   

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The Lo Grasso family of barbers in their new shop - Rocky(center), Charlie(1.), and Sal (r.).

The new facade of Lo Grasso's Barber Shop at the northeast

corner of L and Second Streets.

The comfortable interior of Lo Grasso's Barber Shop at L and Second The pool table and plasma TV are to the left.