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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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Senator Hart Saves The Day
By Brian P. Wallace

     There were over 900 amendments filed to the State Senate budget when that body met last Wednesday at the State House. Senator Jack Hart, who filed a number of amendments for his district, hardly had time to sit down in his seat when amendment #7 was called before the body. Amendment #7 which was filed by Senator Brian Lees, the Minority Leader from Hampden County, filed an amendment to strip St Patrick’s Day of its holiday status in Suffolk County. Senator Lees feels as if St Patrick’s Day is not significant enough to earn holiday status. He appealed to his fellow members to vote and make St Patrick’s Day just another day in the calendar and he asked that a roll call be called to make members go on record with their vote.

     Before Lees had hit his chair Senator Jack Hart was on his feet and he didn’t look too pleased with the Lees amendment or with Senator Lee’s remarks. Jack Hart gave Lees and everyone in the Senate chamber a history lesson on Evacuation Day that would have made Professor Bob Allison proud. He told Lees how George Washington has actually used the words St Patrick as a code word to gain entrance to Dorchester Heights and how St Patrick’s Day is certainly a celebration of our Irish heritage but Evacuation Day also commemorates the British being driven from Boston, which even Lees had to agree was a significant milestone in our country’s heritage. By the time he finished his remarks it was clear that Senator Hart had won over his colleagues many of whom were smiling and nodding in agreement with Senator Hart. When the vote was called it was 27-12 to kill the Lees amendment and keep to keep our holiday. Why won’t they just leave us alone?

     So next time you see Senator Hart, thank him for saving the day, literally.

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