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  Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Lighthouse Project Nears Completion
By Rick Winterson

     The scene at the EpiCenter last week was full of a happy, creative energy.  The EpiCenter is the “green”, environmentally friendly building that houses Artists for Humanity on the northeast corner of A and Second Streets.

     Artists for Humanity had kindly consented to let the “Lighthouses on Broadway” project use their studio space.  This project involves creating large (two feet wide by eight feet tall) paintings shaped like lighthouses.  When all of the 60 lighthouse-shaped paintings are finished, they’ll be prominently mounted on poles along West Broadway. 

     This project was the brainchild of Dan McCole, gallery owner and the President of the South Boston Arts Association.  He saw a similar project in LaGrange, Illinois, that featured totem poles as a model.  For a seacoast city like South Boston, lighthouses seemed to be a logical alternative. 

     McCole and the Young at Arts group at the Community Health Center developed plans for the project.  Both the Carpenters and Ironworkers Unions volunteered their services in support.  Young at Arts painters were recruited.

     The size and number of lighthouses to be created meant that a large space would be needed, so Susan Rodgerson and Andrew Motta opened up Artists for Humanity’s studio in their EpiCenter building for the project.  The design and painting of the lighthouses are nearing completion as of this writing.  The final rush to completion is filled with optimism and energy.  The music being played in the background?  You guessed it – rap from a box.

     This Thursday, June 22, from 5 to 7 p.m., you will have an opportunity to see the results of the young artists’ work.  There will be a public “unveiling” of all the completed lighthouses at that time in the EpiCenter.  The public is invited.  Be sure to stop in.  Soon afterwards, the completed lighthouse will be mounted on lamp poles on West Broadway.   

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A partnership creates a truly original lighthouse.

The studio floor in the Epi-

Center, the Artists for

Humanity building at A and

Second Streets.  Can you

feel the creative energy?