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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
South Boston Online
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Jacquelyn McDonough Dance Olympus VIP

     These young people will travel to (9) major American cities, where they will study, perform and assist in the overall operation of the Dance Olympus convention.  These cities include: New York, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Boston, Omaha, Chicago, Orlando and Las Vegas.  In addition to a rigorous schedule of technique and combination classes, exciting recreational activities are planned.  Among these are a Broadway Show, dinner, pizza and swimming parties, downtown walking tour, a shopping expedition and a faculty spoof show.

     A special dance wardrobe is being custom designed and fabricated by the Art Stone Company.

     The selection process was based upon an in-person audition, wherein the candidate would introduce him or herself, perform combinations in tap, jazz, and ballet, and describe why he or she wanted to be a VIP and would be an asset to the program.

     Dance Olympus chose (14) VIP’s out of 1300 who auditioned.  These people will serve as wonderful role models for thousand of dancers across the country.

     We are pleased to announce their names and home cities:

     Jacquelyn McDonough – South Boston, MA                     

     Jessica McCurry – Kansas City, MO

     Jordyn Dorion – Midland, Ont. Canada                    

     Deedra Bowman - Gilbert, MN

     Rachael Grandick – Council Bluffs, IA                       

     Laura Pecina – Kokomo, IN

     Dawnelle Gregory – Peculiar, MO                                 

     Amanda Shepperson – Attleboro, MA

     Lauren Kloos – Norfolk, NE                                                

     Karmen Smith – Montgomery, AL

     Sara Kruse – Norfolk, NE                                                

     Britany Salo – Woodstock, CT

     Molly McCloskey – Ellicott, MD                                   

    Rachel Wrobel – Eau Claire, WI

     Jacquelyn McDonough is the daughter of Miss Denise & Touchie McDonough of South Boston.  Jacquelyn attends Fairfield University were she is a member of the University Dance Team.

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Jacquelyn McDonough, selected for Dance Olympus.