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South Boston Online
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  Monday, March 2, 2015
South Boston Online
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The Memoir Project
By Rick Winterson

     Sometimes, things add up better than expected.

     As directed by Mayor Thomas Menino, Commissioner of Elderly Affairs Eliza Greenberg has put together a partnership with Grub Street Writers.  Grub Street is a well respected, non-profit organization of professional writers in Boston, who have agreed to serve as part of “Project Memoir”.

     On the other side of the partnership are the wise and mature people who have lived in Boston’s neighborhoods for so many, many years – people who have lived through the trials and triumphs of their families, their surroundings, and the history of the City of Boston.  The objective of this partnership is to create large bound volumes of memoirs from shared stories.  There will be separate volumes from each of the major neighborhoods in the City.

     The Grub Street writers serve as instructors and facilitators for the individual participants.  They can put on paper the stories they hear during the meetings and workshops.  In the case of the North End memoir, participants told stories about everything from cold-water flats to the toppling of the Old North Church Steeple.  No participant has to be a professional writer himself or herself.

     The next writing workshop starts in South Boston late in July.  Don’t miss out on this chance to share your experiences with future generations in the form of a written “South Boston Memoir”,

     Interested seniors should contact either Kaysea Cole or Eliza Greenberg at (617)635-3244 right away.  For further information, e-mail Kaysea.Cole@cityofboston.gov

     Remember, more than anything, this will be fun.  And you thought no one was listening.

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