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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Salsa's Hits Eighth Anniversary
By Rick Winterson

     It is debatable which name is better known in South Boston – the Sausage Guy or Salsa’s.  Whatever your choice, be sure to stop in at Salsa’s during the last week in July.  You can help Salsa’s proprietor David Littlefield celebrate eight years of serving the best in Mexican food to the old hometown.

     David Littlefield refers to each of his enterprises as “a work in progress”.  This is his way of saying he’s always trying to do things better.  Perhaps that’s the reason that Salsa’s has reached its eighth anniversary this month, serving marvelous Mexican food to South Boston.  From the beginning, Salsa’s has been a place to go locally.

Part of this – a big part – is the food itself.  That may seem obvious, but consider this:  Dave found a Mexican chef named Maria Cedillo, who comes from Cuernavaca.  Maria learned her cooking skills from her grandmother.  Passing on family recipes is a tradition on the Yucatan Peninsula, recipes that Maria brought here.  When local traditions are combined with novel spices, including many used by the Aztecs, the resulting dishes are truly one-of-a-kind.  Maria is currently traveling back and forth to see to some family caregiving, but she still serves as a consultant chef to Salsa’s.

     Another factor is that the menu is constantly evolving.  Take the poblano soup.  Originally, this was cooked by the staff at Salsa’s for their own lunches.  When they gave some to Dave, he immediately put it on the menu that evening.  The next day, customers came back to ask if they could get bowls of it to go, so they could have it at their desks for lunch.  It has been a mainstay ever since – it’s made from poblano peppers, zucchini, and corn, in a thick, creamy salsa.

     Other newer dishes include the carne asada (a grilled flank steak), and a brochette of shrimp, chicken, and steak that is marinated and seasoned with the spices of southern Mexico.  Among these spices are five chilis, sesame, and a pinch of (believe it or not) chocolate, which is native to Mexico.  These are all combined into a unique Aztec mole sauce.  The chicken with almond sauce is also a must-try.

     Two other mainstays are the salsa and corn chips that greet patrons when they first sit down.  In response to many, many requests, Dave is looking into packaging the salsa and selling it separately.  Hm-m-m-m, will he call it “Littlefield’s Own” perhaps?

     If you weren’t aware, there is now a Salsa’s in Hingham.  Dave’s newest venture is on 3A, next to Talbot’s Outlet Store.

All of this is on top of Dave’s well-deserved reputation as the “Sausage Guy” – 17 years on Lansdowne Street.  And that line continues to grow nationwide.  As just one example, Dave will be catering a wedding in Seattle between two Red Sox fanatics, who are also “Sausage Guy” devotees.  Can you imagine transporting a sausage cart 3,000 miles?  Hey, the path of true love is never easy.

     Dave’s biggest fans include his two boys, Jett (6) and Sawyer (4), two Beatle-bowl-cut young lads who dined on fajitas and rice at Salsa’s last Friday (“Eat your veggies, boys.”).  David’s fan base is growing.  He and his wife, Rosemary, are expecting a girl in October.  Rosemary is the Executive Director of the Boston Higashi Group, so she is just as busy as Dave.

     Dave is profoundly grateful to his patrons.  “Salsa’s has the world’s greatest customers”, he says.  He is a supporter of many community causes already, but he wants to observe his eighth anniversary week in a special way.  Drop in during the last week in July and see what’s happenin’ at Salsa’s.  You’ll be pleased that you did.

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David Littlefield, the owner of Salsa's as well as the "Sausage Guy") with his two assistant managers, Sawyer (4) and Jett (6)

Mary Keith, Meredith Hultgren, Jenna Keith, and Betsy McKenna get together for dinner at Salsa's. Why? "Because the food's great", they say.