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South Boston Online
South Boston Online
  Thursday, March 5, 2015
South Boston Online
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Stabbing on I and Broadway
By Rick Winterson

     It was a violent weekend in Boston.  About dozen stabbings and shootings have occurred since early last Saturday morning.  One of these happened in South Boston.

     At approximately 9 p.m. last Sunday evening, near the intersection of I Street and Broadway, a 51-year-old South Boston resident was stabbed.  Police arrived on the scene almost immediately.  An EMS response team then brought the victim to the Boston Medical Center.  In accordance with Police Department policies, the victim’s name has not been released, but his injuries are reported to non-life threatening.

     John Connolly (43), who is thought to be a resident of South Boston, was pointed out as the supposed assailant by witnesses on the scene.  Prior to the stabbing, Connolly had allegedly slashed all four tires on the stabbing victim’s car.  When confronted by the victim, Connolly is said to have attacked the victim by hitting him in the stomach while holding a knife in his fist.

     After trying to flee the scene and throwing away what turned out to be a knife, Connolly was stopped by a police officer and a concerned bystander.  A struggle ensued; Connolly was arrested.  He has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, namely, a knife; assault, with intent to murder; willful destruction of property; and resisting arrest

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