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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Memorial Benches Honor Kelly and Tynan



      The World War II Memorial                         The bench emplaced in the World

      placed there to honor a                               War II Memorial in appreciation

      generation of service to South                    of John T. "Doc" Tynan's lifetime

      Boston by City Councilor                              of community service.

      James "Jim" Kelly.

     At the Appreciation Banquet for Jimmy Kelly and “Doc” Tynan, Cmdr. Joe Murphy announced that two benches bearing their names had been designed, fabricated, and emplaced in the World War II Memorial near the Sugar Bowl.  These are pictured above; they fit very well with the beauty and simplicity of the surrounding cenotaph.

     The benches were underwritten by the Brown Fund, which is chaired by Robert Fleming.  They were designed by Robert Schur, who is well known for his work on South Boston memorials.  Both gentlemen attended the September 9 Appreciation Banquet for “Doc” and Jimmy.

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