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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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Posted 03-31-05
Michael "Gilly" Gillis
By Kevin Devlin

     Michael "Gilly" Gillis, 12, is in the sixth grade and attends the Gate of Heaven Elementary School. He always enjoys going to gym class but needs to buckle down, get motivated, focus, when going to math class.
Michael likes to devour plenty of cup cakes while watching SportCenter on the tube. He also enjoys "hanging out with his friends" at the "Stretch" Walsh Community and playing flag football.

      Last year, our young lad won the "Most Courageous Boxing Award" in the under 100 pounds division during the Evacuation Day Boxing Event. He also will never forget recently hitting the winning shot in a Gate of Heaven CYO house league basketball game up at the Hall. He thrives on pressure.

      Michael plays the point position in hoop and is a gritty and heads-up player who knows how to run the floor. He is also an excellent dribbler, a good passer, and doesn't take bad shoots. He's the kind of gutsy player I would welcome on my squad anytime.

      Since Michael's favorite game is basketball, you know what he would like to do someday. You guessed it. He would like to be a professional basketball and compete against the best the world has to offer.

And, without doubt, he'll continue to dream about that possibility each and every day of his young life.

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