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  Friday, March 6, 2015
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Posted April 21, 2005
C's Trying to Join the Party
By Paul Noonan
    With justifiable reasons, Boston had doubted the early moves and motives of GM Danny Ainge. Ainge looked like he was trying to fail worse than Jacobs as opposed to outdo the successes of Epstein and Kraft. Through the thick and thin though, Ainge seems to have built a legitimate contender with this year's Celtics. Having clinched their division the Celts will be looking to have a successful postseason and maybe add another banner for their NBA record championships.

     The Celtics will start their journey against the same team that easily eliminated them from contention a year ago, the Indiana Pacers. This is not the same Pacers team though. After the early season brawl which garnered so much attention, the Pacers have felt the repercussions and still will in the playoffs as Ron Artest will still be absent. The Pacers, however, will be no pushover. The results of the brawl have made the Pacers a tougher team, as they proved they can still be successful even without their stars for long periods of time. Now almost all of those stars are back, and the Pacers will be looking to knock the Celtics off again.

      On the same token, the Celtics are a team that's also faced a lot of adversity and got through it. Ever since the return of Antoine Walker, the Celtics seem even more rejuvenated. The character players are pitching in their share and the return of the Walker/Pierce tandem is as formidable as before.

     The rather unorthodox methods of Danny appear to be paying off. The Celtics look like a team that could win the East with the Pistons and Heat being the only two teams that could be a real challenge. If they can battle through to the Finals, the Celtics should be able to compete with whatever the West has to offer. With 16 titles already under their belts, the Celtics were once the greatest dynasty in the NBA. Recently the Patriots, and hopefully the Red Sox, have taken over that distinction. Now the C's will look to add another banner to the rafters and further prove that Boston is the best sports city in the USA.

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