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  Monday, March 2, 2015
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Posted May 5, 2005
Happy Mother's Day
By Kevin Devlin

     It is one of the greatest, if not the greatest song, of the disco era. In the mid-seventies, this song, introduced and sung by the Intruders was named "I'll always love my Mama." It quickly exploded across the American landscape, and was sung, danced to, and tremendously appreciated by millions of Americans then, and ever since then.

      It was and remains a great song to dance to, but what really rattles one's soul are the lyrics. They say it like it is and it really strikes home to all who listen and love this song.
There isn't one person reading this story, who survived the disco era of the seventies, who didn't think about his own mother when this song hit the airways, or was danced to on the brightly lit dance floors of discos that dotted our American cities.

     "I'll always love my Mama, She's my favorite girl. I'll always love my Mama, She brought me in the world," are the opening lines of this classic, no, legendary song.

      They sing about the unselfishness of motherhood, and the sacrifices a mother makes, working hard, and giving all her time, energy, love, and devotion to her children, her world, her future. Being taught respect, manners, and humility by mom, are also part of this classic piece.

      As mentioned in this beautiful song, a mother's love is indeed special, is truly difficult to describe, and without doubt, we will all love our mothers till the day we die. "My heart belongs to you," and "You have yours, and I have mine," and "You only get one" mom echoes in my mind every time I have the opportunity to listen to this wonderful song.

      I hope that every mother enjoys her day this Sunday. For all of the hard work and sacrifices you make on a daily basis, you truly deserve a day to sit back and be treated like a Queen. For all of the love, kindness, and unselfish acts you undertake every single day, you deserve the recognition of being a unique person; a mother.

      My mother passed away in 1988, but there is never a week that goes by that I am warmly reminded of her. A conversation with an old friend, seeing distant relatives, driving by my old home in Savin Hill, reminiscing about the past, or just hearing "I'll always love my Mama" on the radio or on my wife's CD player. They are all reminders of a time long gone, but not forgotten. They are memories forever stored away in my heart to be fondly opened from time to time.

      And, speaking of my wife, Mary, I would to thank her for being such a beautiful and caring mother. Throughout the years, she has provided my four children with the emotional and physical support, as well as the educational and athletic opportunities to succeed in life, and so far, all seems to be going well.
And, with that said, since you are all truly one of a kind, unquestionably unique, I would simply and humbly like to say, Happy Mother's Day to all.

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