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  Thursday, March 5, 2015
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Posted June 2, 2005
Meet Anthony Flaherty
By Kevin Devlin

     He is like so many other fortunate young boys in this community. Fortunate because he has a mom and dad that care for him all the time, lucky that they keep a watchful eye on him every single day, and special, because they love him so much.

     He plays hockey for the Middlesex Islanders, a select team that practices at Merrimack College.
He also plays on the Dorchester PeeWee "A" hockey team that captured the state championship last season.

     In his first appearance in the Babe Ruth League last week, he picked off three base runners for legendary coach, Emmo Barron.
His name is Anthony Flaherty.

     Anthony, 12, known to family and friends as "Tony" and "Flabo" is a seventh grader at Saint Peter's Academy. His favorite subject is science and his least favorite is English. He is focused in the classroom, a determined student, and was recently accepted to the prestigious and coveted "Stepping Stone Academy Nine Program." This is a preparatory endeavor that readies students for taking the entrance examinations for all exam schools in Massachusetts.

     In his leisure time, Anthony enjoys watching Seinfeld on the tube, or defeating his brother Chris and friends in the Play Station II video game MLB 2006. Additionally, Anthony loves to play wiffle ball with his friends, golf, and go fishing with his family. Anthony also just started taking photography classes.

     Anthony's parents, Franny and Sherry are quite proud of their son.

     "Anthony makes me proud as a parent," said Anthony's father Franny. " He never causes any problem, and keeps himself busy in school and in sports. We are just so proud of him."

     Although Anthony really isn't quite sure what he wants to do when he grows up, he does feel that someday he would like to be wealthy man. I guess that isn't such a bad idea, since most wealthy men are healthy and happy individuals.

     But, if he doesn't know it quite yet, he is already a wealthy young boy. Wealthy because he has such caring parents who make sure he's doing the right thing, playing sports, going to school, staying out of trouble, as well as off the streets. Rich because he has parents who spend time with, take him fishing, and keep him busy with a variety of beneficial time-consuming activities.

     Wealthy because he lives in Southie, where so much emphasis by so many parents is placed on their children getting the job done in the classroom, so that all can lead productive lives in adulthood.

     Fortunate because he lives in a community that values sports programs as a positive outlet for our youngsters during their formative years. Sports programs buttressed a multitude of volunteers that keep him busy, enthused, and out of mischief.

     And, with all that said, it is true that money can't buy everything.

     And, it is true, that Anthony does indeed live in a great place with a tremendous family.

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Young lad enjoys hockey, baseball, and also fishing with his family
Young lad enjoys hockey, baseball, and also fishing with his family.