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  Friday, February 27, 2015
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Posted June 16, 2005
Meet Chris Bolstad
By Kevin Devlin

     He has played in the South Boston Youth Hockey League for the past decade.

      He has been an avid roller hockey enthusiast for the past three seasons and loves playing in the annual Mayor's Cup.

      He has been active in the Saint Brigid CYO basketball house league program for six years.  Last season also played for a Gate of Heaven travel squad.

     He has journeyed over to Moakley Park for the past seven seasons, playing in the South Boston Little League and in the Babe Ruth League.

     He'll always remember hitting a home run against, whom else, his brother's team during the 2001 season.

      He was also the recipient of the "Sportsmanship Award" in baseball 2001.

      His name is Chris Bolstad.

     Chris, 14, has just completed the eighth grade at the Boston Collegiate Charter School. His favorite subject is gym and his least favorite educational endeavor is math.

     Chris enjoys eating tasty chicken fingers while watching basketball on the tube, or his favorite show, "The Simpsons."

     In his leisure time away, Chris loves watching television, playing basketball which is his favorite sport, roller hockey, wiffleball, and just "chilling out with my friends."

     He's a good kid," said community youth activist Joey Curran. "Chris, like so many others, keeps busy playing sports, and keeps out trouble."

     Chris is indeed a good kid and a good basketball player. He has size and strength, and is still growing. Chris knows how to play the game, fill the lane, grab the rebound and take the good shot. He has good court sense and should continue to make great strides every time he puts on his high cut sneakers.

     Someday he would like to get a chance to play professional football. If that doesn't materialize, he hopes to help society by becoming an undercover police officer, and put the bad guys in jail and off the streets.

     Either way, he can't lose.

     And, we wish him luck in the future.

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Chris Bolstad
Someday, Chris would like to be playing at the new Boston Garden for the Celtics, or defending the public as an undercover police officer.