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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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Posted July 21, 2005
Meet Matthew Hayes
By Kevin Devlin

     He plays for the Northeast Elite Hockey League, a proud member of the Islanders Club.

      His Little League Firefighter's Club captured the championship two seasons ago, and he played every position except shortstop.
He also played hockey for Buckingham, Brown, and Nichols, a true Knight.

     He also played soccer for five seasons, has been involved in the South Boston Lacrosse Program, and has dabbled in golf.

     He has participated in the Harry McDonough Sailing Program since he was eight years old and has his Skipper's License.

     He is a 2002 graduate of the Stepping Stone Program.

     This young lad was the recipient of his school's Perfect Homework Awards for three straight years.

     He was on the Honor Roll from the first grade through the fifth grade, quite an impressive academic record

     He completed two successful years in the coveted Advanced Work Class Program at the Murphy School in Dorchester and will be attending Boston Latin Academy in the fall.

     His name is Matthew Hayes.

      Matt, 13, enjoys math, swordfish, hockey, and collecting CD's because he loves music. His favorite hockey player is Bobby Orr, because as far as Matt is concerned, he is "The greatest hockey player ever."

     And, his favorite sport is indeed hockey. Matt will never forget scoring a goal in double overtime to propel his Islanders team into the championship finale.

     Matt feels fortunate living in South Boston, because to him, it is a tight-knit community. He also knows that he is lucky to have such loving and caring parents, his mom and dad, Deborah and Denis. Mom and dad are also extremely proud of their student-athlete and rightly so. Academic and athletic excellence make you worthy of holding your head up high.

     "Matthew has always thrived in his athletic and scholarly activities," said his mom. "We are proud of him and always there for him. He keeps us busy with all of his adventures."

     Someday Matt would like to be either a professional hockey player or a lawyer.

     Whatever path he follows, you can be sure that he will be just as successful then, as he has been thus far in life, in school, and on the playing fields.

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Mat Hayes
The Honor Roll Kid