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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Posted July 28, 2005
Fourth Annual Southie Softball Game Classic
By Kevin Devlin

     Here are some of the highlights:

  • Jack Chisolm went 0-Saturday.
  • John Lavey cleverly snookered his softball foe by discreetly kicking the first base pad three feet further back from it rightful location.
  • Brian Connolly’s team was 0-2 for the day, a tough situation for Brian to stomach during the twilight of his career, as far as Dennis Lavey was concerned.
  • However, in all fairness, I have to mention that Brian easily defeated Dennis in a base running competition. 
  • Scoop Eddie “Wilt” Curran made some nice stabs at first base, but friends were whispering that he should stick with hoop.
  • John “Neezo” Nee was outplayed by his twins, Matt and Haley.
  • Jimmy, um, I mean George Greene hit into a triple play. Matt Nee caught a line drive at first, threw to his dad at second for a force out, and then Neezo threw to Wilt at third for the tag out. But this did not deter Jimmy, I mean George Greene from playing stellar defense at third throughout the day.
  • Dennis Lavey’s team was 2-0 for the day.  And he cleverly pulled off a “Phantom” throw to a phantom player, to trick Dennis Maginnis in a run down between third and home. Dennis was happy that a Columbus kid outfoxed a Bosco kid, again. 
  • Speaking of Dennis Maginnis, he was voted MVP by the opposing team.
  • Eddie “Tank” Barrett was the real MVP for the fourth time.
  • Dorsey “Jim Thorpe Matsui” Connolly almost took off Sheila Connolly’s head went he whipped the ball from centerfield to home plate. Dorsey remarked that his friends “Need to respect my arm.”
  • Dorsey made some incredible catches in centerfield, but they couldn’t rival Dennis Lavey’s base running skills.
  • Neezo and Chisolm took turns firing the ball 100-miles per hour at their first baseman, 11 year old Matt Nee. 
  • Jimmy Crowley is still chasing Pat Lavey’s homerun.
  • Scott Maginnis was the winner of the hot dog contest for the fourth straight year, devouring 47 hot dogs in 5 minutes.
  • Tank was second place in the hot dog event, eating 46 dogs, but unable to eat the last bun, disqualified him from being a true champion.
  • Steve Lavey finished a distant third, eating three hot dogs.
  • John Lavey finally got a Saturday off to spend with family and friends. 
  • Mike Walker brought his own hoop team, his five daughters.
  • Congratulations to David O’ Connor and his wife. They are the proud parents of a baby boy who was born within the last week. And congratulations to David for his fourth consecutive year of keeping his cleats off, and just enjoying the day’s festivities.
  • Peter Deardon has announced that he is a free agent and plans on returning to the local hoop scene in the fall. So, if you need a big man, give him a call. 

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The next generation having enjoyed sun and fun in the park with their parents.