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  Friday, March 27, 2015
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Posted August 4, 2005

Pat’s PeeWee’s        

By Kevin Devlin

     Pat Houlihan is the pee wee instructional league site coordinator for the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League “BNBL”  which is at the West Third Street basketball courts. The instructional league is a new addition to the oldest youth league in America, and Houlihan is doing a great job of preparing these athletes for the future.

     Here’s a short sketch of some of his hoop pupils and how they feel about their “Coach.”

     Michael “Ice Cream” Roman, 13, attends the Gavin Middle School. He loves to play basketball and video games, and someday he would like to be a professional basketball player.

     Michael feels that Pat is “honorable and respectful.”

“Pat’s easy to get along with,” said Michael. “He’s a good player and a good instructor. He has made me a better player in a short time.”

     Jeffrey “The Shot” Clarke, 6, attends the Young Achievers Math and Science School in Jamaica Plain. Jeffrey loves basketball and swimming at the beach.  He enjoys being instructed by Pat because,“He teaches me how to shoot.”

     Jeffrey’s brother Charlie, 9, attends the same charter school. He loves to ride his bike and play hoop. Charlie “The Chocolate Factory Dude” likes Pat because “He’s a real good coach, the best, he helps me out.”

     Brikeno “Game Time” Fusha, 11, will be attending either the Gavin or the Murphy School in the fall. Game Time loves hoop but also likes to play football and baseball for fun. Someday he would like to play in the NBA.

     “He’s the greatest coach,” said Brikeno. “He teaches us a lot. He keeps order and shows us how to play. His teaching should help me in the future.”

     Johnny “Biscuits” Gregorio, 13, will be going to the Excel Cluster at Southie High in September. Biscuits also played in the South Boston Little League for four seasons, but now only plays hoop. Someday he would like to be an elementary school teacher.

     “Pat’s a good teacher, and makes us behave on the court, he’s disciplined,” said Biscuits. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, he helps you out, and he’s funny.”

     Paul “Pickles” Gregorio, 11, attends the Condon School. Pickles enjoys watching television and “going out and hanging with friends.” Someday he would like to be in the NBA.

     “Pat’s a good coach, he taught me how to shoot right,” said Pickles. 

      John Patrick “JP” Knight, otherwise known as “Sandwich” is “seven and three quarters -years old” and attends the Saint Brigid Elementary School. Sandwich enjoys playing Legos and shooting hoop in his back yard. Someday he wants to be a professional basketball and baseball player. This kid is ambitious.

     “Pat’s nice,” said Sandwich. “He’s a good basketball player and he helped me shoot free throws the way you are supposed to shoot them.”

     John “Johnny” Sadm, 8, goes to the Condon School. In addition to hoop, Johnny also plays lacrosse, baseball, and is a boxer.

     “He let’s us run laps, play line tag, and other games,” said Johnny. “He does real good at coaching us, and taught us how to play knockout.”

     Lisa Knight, whose two children, JP and Christopher, attend the instructional league, also thinks Pat does a great job instructing the kids

     “He does a great job with them,” said Lisa. “The kids love to come, get a chance to run around in the fresh air, and learn about the game. I think it’s tremendous.”

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John, Johnny, and Gar enjoy going to West Third Street and being instructed by Pat Houlihan.