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  Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Posted August 11, 2005
Caitlin"Caiti" Lowe
By Kevin Devlin

Young girl has a zest for life, is creative, and loves to play basketball

     Caitlin "Caiti" Lowe, 13, has a variety of interests, but seems to have zeroed in on one that has captured her imagination, stirred her soul, and has transformed our student-athlete into a bona fide "Gym Rat." Caitlin has discovered the game of basketball and loves playing whenever the opportunity arises.

      Caitlin lives with her family in the Mary Ellen McCormack Development and will be a seventh grader at the McCormack School in Dorchester. She is interested in art and is considered a good drawer. Last June, Caitlin won the school's Cake Decorating Contest. She is a member of the school's drama club and the basketball team. Caitlin received a trophy for her hoop exploits at school and was the recipient of a "Certificate of Achievement in Reading Improvement."

     Caitlin also keeps busy after leaving school. She belongs to the acting and choir class at the Fourth Presbyterian Church located on Dorchester Street. Recently, she has appeared in three shows presented by her church, they were Willie Wonka, Cinderella, and Oliver.

      Caitlin likes to ride bikes and scooters and has joined the track program being held now at Moakley Park on Mondays and Thursdays.
Caitlin likes to walk around Southie instead of being driven, enjoys jumping rope, and her favorite store is "The Spot." Caitlin feels the Southie is such a great place for young kids because there are so many opportunities, some many programs (like the Condon) geared towards them. She is close to her family, loves her nephew Bobby and her dog "Bobo." And, although her favorite food is Chinese, she spends a lot of time at Burgher King.

      Caitlin is now a certified hoop nut. She plays and practices every free moment she has.

     "I practice at the Condon after I return from Fun in the Sun at the Club," said Caitlin. "I want to be in every basketball program I can find around here."

     One program she has found is the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL), and she is a member of the Walsh Club 13 and under girls' team, coached by Rich Burton. At a recent game, Caitlin scored 14 points, and is focused on helping her younger teammates understand the game.

     "She's a natural leader on the court," said Coach Burton. "She helps out her teammates and is just terrific. I want her to control the tempo and take charge of the game. If she continues to work hard, Caitlin should develop into a heck of a player. Being left handed always helps when you are playing this game."

     Caitlin is too young to figure out what she wants to do when she puts away her athletic gear.

     "When I grow up, I'll know what I want to do," said Caitlin.

     I'll bet she will.

     And, I'll bet she'll be good at whatever she does end up doing in life.

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Caitlin "Caiti" Lowe spends much of her free time honing her basketball skills at the Condon gym.