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  Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Posted September 29, 2005
Ashley Sullivan and Michelle Joyce
By Kevin Devlin

Young cheerleading buddies love cheering on their Pop Warner team

     Ashley Sullivan and Michelle Joyce really have a ton of fun doing their cheers and supporting the South Boston Pop Warner “B” squad.

     Ashley, 11, known also as “Ashcan” is in the sixth grade at Saint Peter’s Academy. Her favorite subject is math and her least favorite is science. She’s doing well in school and gets good grades. She has also just recently enrolled in the cooking class being held at the Paraclete Center.

     Ashcan is on the “B” team cheerleading squad and has been involved in the Pop Warner program for three seasons. Her favorite sport is basketball and she has played in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) up at the Stretch Walsh Center for the past two summers and in the Gate of Heaven winter hoop house league for three years.

     Ashcan’s favorite food is pizza, and she loves to eat it when she’s just hanging out with her friends. Someday, she would like to be a lawyer and help people solve their problems.

     Michelle, 11, nicknamed “Shelly” by family and friends, is also in the sixth grade, but attends the Gate of Heaven Elementary School. Like Ashcan, Shelly likes math but isn’t too keen on her science studies, but is also doing well in school.

     Shelly has been a cheerleader for four years. She also loves hoop and has been active in the Gatey Program up at the famed Hall for two years. She is looking forward to another season in this program. Shelly also played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for two seasons.

     Shelly’s favorite food is chicken which she enjoys when watching television. In her leisure time, Shelly loves to “go out with friends and have fun.” At the moment, she really doesn’t know what she will do when she grows older and is ready to face the world.

     Right now, both girls are having fun being girls and enjoying life in Southie. Being members on the championship “B” team cheerleading squad is keeping both of them busy and happy at the moment.

     And, that’s the way they like it.       

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Michelle  Joyce and Ashley Sullivan in uniform and ready to cheer for Southie.