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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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All Pumped Up
By Kevin Devlin

     Young student-athlete hopes to play professional baseball

     He plays football, basketball, and baseball, and his favorite part is when he and his teammates get “Pumped Up” for a game.

     His Williamsport baseball team won the District Nine Championship in 2002.

     He was the “MVP” in the South Boston Little League championship tilt during the 2003 season.

     He struck out six batters in that championship finale and was three for four at the plate.

     His dream is to make it to the major leagues and be a catcher.

     He is a modest, mild-mannered kid with a ton of potential.

     His name is Chris McQueen.

     Chris, 14, is a freshman at the Odyssey School on the Heights. His favorite subjects are math and science.  He loves eating pizza while watching his favorite television show “SportsCenter,” and his favorite sports celebrity is Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.

     Chris is finishing up his third season in the South Boston Pop Warner League and hopes to be able to keep his weight down to play one more season. He also was involved in the South Boston Little League for four years and made quite an impression on the local baseball scene, capturing the “MVP” Award in 2003.

     Chris plays hoop and is a point guard. Last summer, he played in the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL) in the 15 and under league at the Condon gym.  He also played in Violence Prevention League held at the Stretch Walsh Center and the Condon gym.   

     When Chris is taking it easy and away from the world of sports, he’s still in high gear, having fun and keeping busy.

     “When I don’t have a game, I’m still on the move,” said Chris. “I’m either playing up at the Condon gym or hanging out with my friends. I have a big family so I’m always busy. I am a twin and my twin’s name is Kayla. I also have three sisters, Crystal, Shannon, and Melissa, and a big brother Kevin.”

     Chris knows he’s fortunate to have the opportunity to play sports and be coached by dedicated people who help nurture and guide so many young players. One such coach of high caliber in Chris’s estimation (as well as others) is Billy Collins.

     “I feel that Billy Collins helped me out in a lot of ways,” said Chris. “He always made sure I held my head high even though we were losing. He also helped me improve on my weaknesses on the field. He basically has been a big inspiration for me and is one of the best coaches ever.”

     Chris also knows how lucky he is to have concerned, loving, and dedicated parents. Personally, I know they’re proud, because I can see it written all over their faces while they are watching him play Pop Warner down at the local field.

     “I am proud of Chris,” said his mom Mary. “I’m proud because when he puts his mind into doing something, he doesn’t quit. And by him playing all these sports and keeping busy, it keeps him off the streets and out of trouble.

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Chris McQueen all pumped up to play Pop Warner football at the McCarthy-Rosher Memorial Field.