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  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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BC Holding Their Own
By Paul Noonan

     When they announced their decision to move to the ACC, Boston College gave fans reason for excitement and also a bit of concern. On the one hand a move to a more prolific and competitive football conference would give BC more respect as well as giving them a chance to play better teams on a more consistent basis. On the other hand, the move pulls the team from a conference which they could dominate and potentially win and moves them to a conference where they easily could be back in the middle of the pack or even worse, in the basement. After all the hard work BC put in to turn their program from the team you look over on the schedule to the team you look to, this move could have sent BC back to the start if the ACC proved to be too tough for them.

      So far though, the move appears to be a great one. BC is handling themselves quite well in their new conference, and they’re also bringing exciting teams such as Florida State to Alumni Stadium. Unfortunately, the Seminoles defeated the Eagles’ in a hard fought battle, but so far that marks the Eagles’ only loss. Among the Eagles’ victories are a tight 16-13 win over Clemson and a strong 28-17 win over Virginia. The keys to BC’s success may be their great depth and an almost Patriot- like efficiency from many players on the roster and not just one or two. The Eagles have two running backs hovering around the 500 yard marker, two quarterbacks boasting impressive completion percentages (both over 65%) and a core of strong receivers many of whom have over 100 yards with five of those averaging over 10 yards per catch. Meanwhile on the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles have an impressive 19 players with at least 10 tackles. They’re holding opponents to just 14 points per game, while averaging double that themselves. They are keeping opponents to a respectable 272 yards per game while averaging 423 themselves. And the Eagles have been doing a good job on third down, keeping opponents to just a 30% success rate.

      As well have the Eagles have played so far, they still have four games to go, and the pressure will be on. Last year the Eagles ended their conference championship hope with a disappointing loss to Syracuse. The team’s the Eagles have to finish with this year leave them with a chance to potentially still win the ACC, but they can’t let up. Tonight’s (Thursday) game against #3 Virginia Tech will help determine the Eagles’ fate even more. Should the Eagles’ pull off the amazing upset not only would they likely make the Top 10 ranks they also would keep alive their ACC title hopes as well as hopes for a big name bowl. Since the Seminoles also have one loss to their credit, if BC were to finish undefeated and Florida State were to lose a game, the Eagles would win the ACC. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. The Eagles will have their hands full with the dangerous Virginia Tech and the other Vick. Win or lose, the Eagles still have a handful of team’s who could easily pull of an upset. These last four games will be huge steps forward, or potentially some steps back for the Eagles. A successful first season in the ACC will help BC big time with recruiting and giving the team confidence. Yet if the Eagles stumble to the finish, they’ll need to work yet again to redeem their respectability.

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